5 Important Ways Egress Windows Improve Your Home West Allis, WI

If you are one of the many homeowners who are having egress windows installed in their basement, you're making a smart choice. If you are not thinking about egress windows, you may want to start. These windows are an excellent way to improve your home from both the inside and the outside. Once you learn

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4 Reasons Why Foundation Repair Can Become Challenging Milwaukee, WI

Did you spot a crack in your foundation wall? Repairing a foundation as soon as possible is the best approach to take. Foundation damage is only bound to get worse if ignored. Many homeowners try to look for ways to save money and avoid calling a professional repair contractor. The repairs then turn out to

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Hiring A Foundation Repair Contractor | Milwaukee, WI

Hiring a foundation repair contractor is an important task—but it’s also one that might feel daunting. If you’ve never had to hire this type of professional before then you might have no idea what to even look for. You may be wondering if all foundation repair contractors are the same? And if not, what are

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How to Install Glass Block Windows New Brunswick, WI

What Are Glass Block Windows? As the name implies, glass block windows are transparent squares that combine to form a whole window. The glass block is really just clear rock, pure silica; each one is either 7.75x7.75 inches or 5.75x5.75 inches and can weigh between 3 to 4 pounds. That weight is an important factor

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How Much Value Does an Egress Window Add? Wauwatosa, WI

If you are thinking about making your basement into living space, you should also be thinking about egress window installation. An egress window is simply a window big enough to serve as an exit in case of an emergency. All bedrooms must have egress windows, so if you are planning a bedroom in the basement,

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How to Repair a Foundation: The Crack-Injection Method West Allis, WI

When you start to see cracks in your foundation walls, you might be concerned that your whole house is at risk, and that you’re looking at major money to fix it. Those fears may be groundless on both counts. If you have a poured concrete foundation (the most common one in the Milwaukee area), you’d

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Basement Underpinning: A Look into Strengthening a Foundation Milwaukee, WI

The foundation of your house needs to be secure; it’s the basis for every other component of your home. Usually, you would be considering foundation repair when there are visible signs that your basement is damaged. However, if you are going to undertake renovations that involve adding a story (or more) to your home, you

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Is My House Sinking or Settling? 4 Signs of House Settling Waukesha, WI

A home’s foundation bears the weight of the entire home and must be in great shape to hold up for years in the often wet Milwaukee weather. While some home settling is normal, especially in the first three years of a home’s life, settling should cause little more than a few minor cosmetic problems. Of

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Do You Need Exterior Basement Waterproofing? Racine, WI

Exterior basement waterproofing is a proactive rather than a reactive way to ensure that you have a dry basement. Ideally it is done while a house is being built, but exterior basement waterproofing can be undertaken with any basement, whether it is a basement of poured concrete or one of masonry block walls. The experts

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