excavation and wall rebuilds 5 300x225A finished basement can add considerable equity and years of enjoyment to your home. That extra living space found in unfinished basements could be the blueprint of a new home theater or play room. Tackling a basement finishing project requires careful planning that typically goes beyond the scope of DIY.

Staying within Code

Basement finishing projects require consideration of finished space building codes. All residential homes require bedrooms to have some form of egress. Egress is a form of easy access out of the home in case of a fire. Basement egress window installation may require removal and excavation of cinder block walls as well as exterior waterproofing. A good Milwaukee basement contractor may recommend full excavation and reinforcement for basements that have low ceilings. Most basements require a ceiling height of at least 8 feet to comply with local and national building codes. Some basement ceilings can stretch this measurement by keeping joist beams open. A competent basement contractor can provide the resources to keep your home up to date on the latest codes.

Comprehensive Waterproofing

Waterproofing is not always a simple process for most basements. Some homes are built with soil structure that holds water easily such as clay. There are also extending factors such as the age of the home and any previous modifications to the basement. A good basement contractor will ensure that a water management and waterproofing system works individually to your home’s need.

For example, Milwaukee basement contractor Accurate Basement Repair recommends comprehensive home tests to check for the source of seepage and moisture in the basement. This determines the severity of water in the basement. The southeastern Wisconsin contractor recommends checking for high signs of seepage in cracks and coves in the wall that may require a water management system.

Planning Interior Space

An unfinished basement can be an exciting project because of the concept of what the space can include. This daunting task can lead to failure on DIY projects that don’t take into account appropriate dimensions of space. Stair location and HVAC equipment in a basement can change the layout regardless of overall square footage. Basement finishing projects should consider any anticipated changes over time. A large laundry room space may double as an area for storage. An open concept rec room may double as a play room with appropriate hidden storage.

Planning the interior is an important task that should be completed before any excavation takes place. Take the dimensions of your basement and plot the average size for typical family rooms and recreation rooms to give a good idea on usability of the space. You’ll enjoy your basement even more when you take into consideration room roles and expansion.

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