Foundation Repair | Milwaukee, WIA home’s foundation bears the weight of the entire home and must be in great shape to hold up for years in the often wet Milwaukee weather. While some home settling is normal, especially in the first three years of a home’s life, settling should cause little more than a few minor cosmetic problems. Of course, over time, homes will continue to settle, but the majority of homes should never be faced with huge issues. When cracks, leaking and slanted floors become more easily visible, this is a sure sign that professional basement foundation repair in Milwaukee is needed.

Signs That a Foundation Is Settling

There are a few significant signs that homeowners may notice if their foundations are undergoing major issues with settling. First, the foundation itself may develop large cracks. These cracks may be so wide that they let in water or even insects and small rodents. The most dangerous cracks are those that run horizontally.

Second, doors and windows may no longer be opening and closing as well as they once did. They may stick or may no longer open at all. Some doors may swing shut when they never used to or may not stay latched.

Third, homeowners may be able to notice cracks in the home’s drywall, especially over doors and windows or where the ceiling meets the walls. In some cases, individuals may even notice gaping baseboards and crown molding or may discover nails that have popped out of wooden baseboards.

Finally, the floors can reveal significant structural issues. A wide crack in a concrete or tile floor is one obvious sign, but even floors that are covered with vinyl, wood or laminate can reveal issues. A simple slant test with a marble will show homeowners whether the floor is uneven.

Please see our helpful video, What Do These Basement Cracks Mean? on YouTube.

Tips for Caring for a Problematic Foundation

Concerns about a home’s foundation can leave most homeowners filled with worry over the health of the entire structure. Other homeowners believe that these problems are something that they can fix themselves with a bit of concrete or spackling paste. Neither of these ideas are completely the truth.

Instead, it is best to have a professional look at the problematic area to see whether the signs of settling are worrisome or whether they point to structural damage. In some cases, basement excavation with underpinning or braces must be used to strengthen the basement and reduce future damage.

Choosing a Reputable Basement Excavation Professional

Having your home’s foundation repaired not only can make the home safer now but also can improve the market value of the home by ensuring that the foundation is stronger than ever. Because of this, it is important to choose a reputable basement repair professional to diagnose and correct the problem. Homeowners should also ask for a warranty for the repair work. Accurate Basement Repair can provide all types of basement repair work, including basement excavation, underpinning and rebuilding when necessary. Call us today at (414) 744-6900 and request a FREE estimate.