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Drilling process: 4” on either side of the crack, at a 45 degree angle, ensuring penetration to middle of poured wall.

Foundation issues can detract from your enjoyment of your home and can even reduce its value over time. Working with a qualified Milwaukee basement specialist can help you resolve foundation problems quickly to protect your home and your property against the negative effects of cracks and damage to this structural component. By addressing these issues quickly and effectively, you can ensure the safest and healthiest environment for yourself and your family.

Benefits of Urethane Injection Crack Repair

One of the most important services offered by your Milwaukee basement specialist is crack repair. Injecting urethane into these cracks can seal them and prevent water from intruding into your home. This can help you to avoid issues with mold, mildew and water damage that can have serious health effects for your family. Urethane treatments are designed to be permanent solutions for your foundation and can last for the life of your basement. These safe and nontoxic repair solutions are compliant with building codes throughout our area and can be used as soon as three years after initial construction of the building has been completed.

How Urethane Injection Repairs Work

Urethane is a type of grout that expands when it makes contact with water to fill the crack in your foundation wall completely. Your contractor will drill holes into the wall four inches away from the crack. These holes will be directed at approximately a 45-degree angle toward the crack. Moisture-activated urethane will then be pumped through injection ports into these holes from the bottom to the top at eight-inch intervals. As the urethane comes in contact with water, it will expand into a foam that will be forced into every part of the cracks in your basement foundation. After it dries, the urethane will form a strong barrier that will prevent moisture from penetrating your walls and entering your home. The drying process may take as little as three to five minutes to complete. Your Milwaukee basement specialist will then remove the injection ports, clean up any dust or excess urethane foam and leave your basement clean and ready for use.

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Accurate Basement Repair offers proven solutions to wet, leaking or damaged basements and foundations. We work with our clients to make sure that they receive the most affordable and practical solutions for their specific sets of needs. Call us today at 414-744-6900 to discuss your waterproofing and foundation restoration needs with one of our experienced technicians. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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