Do You Need Exterior Basement Waterproofing? Racine, WI

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Exterior basement waterproofing is a proactive rather than a reactive way to ensure that you have a dry basement. Ideally it is done while a house is being built, but exterior basement waterproofing can be undertaken with any basement, whether it is a basement of poured concrete or one of masonry block walls. The experts

How to Solve Your Basement Repair Issues

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"Today I’m joined by Chris and Roger with Accurate Basement Repair to talk a little bit about a basement excavation project they are doing and how they’re making sure things are done the right way." "According to Roger, when a basement wall has cracked, failed, and moved too far, it can’t really be braced. It

A Cosmetic Cover Up For Your Basement

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If you own a home, basement waterproofing is very important. If you have found that you have issues with cracks and leaks in your basement, you will want to take care of the issue quickly. Home­owners go about fixing issues in their basements many different ways. Some fixes are temporary and do not last while

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