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How to Solve Your Basement Repair Issues


“Today I’m joined by Chris and Roger with Accurate Basement Repair to talk a little bit about a basement excavation project they are doing and how they’re making sure things are done the right way.”

“According to Roger, when a basement wall has cracked, failed, and moved too far, it can’t really be braced. It has to be straightened and braced instead. If a wall has moved more than one inch off of the foundation, excavation repairs are going to be necessary.”

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Why Your Basement Might Need To Be Excavated and Have Its Walls Rebuilt

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Foundation wall repair by a Milwaukee basement contractor

Excavating a basement is a major undertaking, and you will need help from a Milwaukee basement contractor to complete quality work on this type of significant project. This is a process where the dirt around the exterior walls of the basement is removed to expose the full length of the walls. It gives a contractor access to the basement walls so that they can be repaired, restored or improved in some way. There are a number of instances when excavating the basement may be beneficial or even required, and these are a few of the more common reasons for this type of project to be completed. Continue reading