Foundation Waterproofing Can Impact The Health Of Your Home St. Francis, WI

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Foundation Waterproofing Can Impact The Health Of Your Home St. Francis, WI Do you own a home? You should know that your house is only as good as its foundation. A weak foundation can spell disaster for your home. Your foundation should therefore be one of your top priorities. If you notice that your foundation

How to Fix Your Sloping Floors Saint Francis, WI

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How To Fix Your Sloping Floors Saint Francis, WI Does your home have sloping floors? Uneven floors are often much more than a cosmetic problem. They are often a sign of a foundation problem. Overlooking sloping floors can result in serious structural damage to your home. Addressing the issue as soon as you notice it

3 Important Ideas about Egress Windows West Allis, WI

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3 Important Ideas about Egress Windows West Allis, WI Egress windows provide a safe and easy way of exiting a house in case there is an emergency such as a fire. In addition to acting as emergency exits, egress windows also make it possible for natural light to reach the basement. Because of these benefits,

3 Signs Your Basement Needs Waterproofing St. Francis, WI

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Many homeowners believe that when their homes need foundation waterproofing it will be obvious, like a flooded basement. However, the situation with your foundation will already be dire by the time your basement is flooding. Recovering from a flooded basement is not only expensive but difficult as well. You not only have to deal with

What Steel Brace Wall Reinforcement Can Do For Your Basement

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Basement Wall Reinforcement Beams Steel brace wall reinforcement strategies can offer real help for homeowners who need practical basement wall repair services in Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. Foundations and basement walls can develop leaks or cracks (see video) as a result of dramatic temperature swings or flooding in our area. Working with

4 Reasons Why Foundation Repair Can Become Challenging Milwaukee, WI

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Did you spot a crack in your foundation wall? Repairing a foundation as soon as possible is the best approach to take. Foundation damage is only bound to get worse if ignored. Many homeowners try to look for ways to save money and avoid calling a professional repair contractor. The repairs then turn out to

How to Repair a Foundation: The Crack-Injection Method West Allis, WI

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When you start to see cracks in your foundation walls, you might be concerned that your whole house is at risk, and that you’re looking at major money to fix it. Those fears may be groundless on both counts. If you have a poured concrete foundation (the most common one in the Milwaukee area), you’d

Basement Underpinning: A Look into Strengthening a Foundation Milwaukee, WI

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The foundation of your house needs to be secure; it’s the basis for every other component of your home. Usually, you would be considering foundation repair when there are visible signs that your basement is damaged. However, if you are going to undertake renovations that involve adding a story (or more) to your home, you

Is My House Sinking or Settling? 4 Signs of House Settling Waukesha, WI

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A home’s foundation bears the weight of the entire home and must be in great shape to hold up for years in the often wet Milwaukee weather. While some home settling is normal, especially in the first three years of a home’s life, settling should cause little more than a few minor cosmetic problems. Of

What’s the Scariest Thing to Find Lurking in the Basement?

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Serious Cracks and Displacement For some people, it's the thought of spiders lurking in the dark. Others are unnerved by the clutter or the mechanical components that often reside there. Smart homeowners know that walls that are cracked or buckling are among the scariest things that you can find in a basement because