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Could Your Basement Be Helping the Ice Dams on Your Roof?


typical ice dam and leak 300x277Does what occurs in one part of your home have an impact on what happens elsewhere? Although the idea may seem counter-intuitive, your building is a complete system, and everything rests on its foundation. Problems beneath the soil can eventually cause issues at higher levels. Here’s what you need to know about your Milwaukee foundation repair options and the ice dams that are destroying your property from the top down.

Ice Dams Explained

An ice dam occurs when ice accumulates around your roof’s edges. As water freezes, it expands, and this process can form a dam that actually pushes its way beneath your roof’s shingles and into the membrane layers below. When it later melts, the resulting water has an open pathway into your home. Continue reading

Benefits of Urethane Injection for Basement Walls

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Drilling process: 4” on either side of the crack, at a 45 degree angle, ensuring penetration to middle of poured wall.

Foundation issues can detract from your enjoyment of your home and can even reduce its value over time. Working with a qualified Milwaukee basement specialist can help you resolve foundation problems quickly to protect your home and your property against the negative effects of cracks and damage to this structural component. By addressing these issues quickly and effectively, you can ensure the safest and healthiest environment for yourself and your family.

Benefits of Urethane Injection Crack Repair

One of the most important services offered by your Milwaukee basement specialist is crack repair. Injecting urethane into these cracks can seal them and prevent water from intruding into your home. This can help you to avoid issues with mold, mildew and water damage that can have serious health effects for your family. Urethane treatments are designed to be permanent solutions for your foundation and can last for the life of your basement. These safe and nontoxic repair solutions are compliant with building codes throughout our area and can be used as soon as three years after initial construction of the building has been completed. Continue reading

A Guide to Tuckpointing (And Why You Should Care)


tuckpointing 300x225Bricks give a unique appearance to houses, buildings, and other structures. Yet, when homes are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and significant rain, nature’s elements can take their toll on the mortar between the bricks. Mortar joints can give way due to excessive moisture, and when this occurs, the moisture could weaken the structure and lead to waterproofing issues. For this reason, it’s important to contact a Milwaukee foundation repair specialist who can help to prevent the destruction or deterioration of the mortars in the bricks — a process known as tuckpointing.

What is Tuckpointing?

Continue reading

What’s That Red Stuff? Preventing Iron Bacteria


If you have iron bacteria, also known as iron ochre or iron ocher, an interior drain tile repair (replacement of existing system that is filled with iron ochre with new interior drain tile system) is the solution. Accurate Basement Repair always installs cleanouts when we do a drain tile job, but if we are doing one with excessive iron ochre, we install more cleanouts than we normally would to allow the customer to monitor the system from various points. This also gives them the ability to more easily flush the system. Accurate Basement Repair is the only local company that installs cleanouts – none of our competitors do it.

We found the following article by Stephen Andras interesting enough to share with our readers.

Throughout my 28-year career as a basement drainage system specialist, there has been a nagging problem that our industry seemed to ignore: iron bacteria.

Anyone that has installed basement drainage systems has encountered iron bacteria at one time or another. I remember back in my early years being called in as an expert witness to testify about a drainage system being clogged with a slimy orange substance. After the homeowner’s lawyer showed the jury these awful looking pictures of iron bacteria (back then we called it the “red stuff” ), I watched the basement contractor on the stand squirm a little and say, “I’ve never seen this before” and “this is a rare situation”.

This has been the problem all along in our industry. Yet all of us—including myself until a few years ago—refused to admit there is a problem. Most basement drainage systems come with a warranty from 20 years to Life-of-Structure. Read those warranties, though, and one will find that most, if not all, exclude iron ocher, iron bacteria, iron algae or whatever someone decides to call it.

Read more by Stephen Andras at Basement Health Pros, (PDF) starting on page 12.

A Good Home Starts With A Stable Foundation


A recent report by CBS News tells of a town with widespread cracking of foundations and walls in it. One resident noticed mushrooms in her bedroom and realized that her bedroom windows were leaking. It was due to the whole side of the house sinking because it had foundation cracks in it. Homeowners in southeastern Wisconsin and across the nation also must deal with the possibility of foundation disintegration. In Milwaukee, the heavy clay makes poured concrete needed to withstand the annual movements of the soil due to temperature changes. We at Accurate Basement Repair have long experience in assessing and repairing basements in our area. Continue reading

Urethane Injections Bolster Foundations Weakened By Cracking


Certain regions of the United States have climate conditions that put their walls more at risk than others. Houses in many regions have variable moisture that cause the soil to expand when wet, and shrink when drying. This causes the foundation to bow. Poured walls are different. They are in one solid piece, and don’t bow like a cinder block wall would, but they do crack. Cracks in the foundation can ruin the structure of your home. Advances in repair technology have culminated in the process of urethane injections to re-stabilize a poured wall foundation. Continue reading

Protect Your Home Investment With Proper Foundation Repair

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Accurate Basement Repair can fix your foundation

The foundation of your home is an important structure that can develop problems over the years from moisture, settling and other issues that occur. Many people neglect these issues and later find that they must deal with larger problems at a later date. Inspecting your foundation periodically and dealing with minor repairs early on can save you money.


The soil in various parts of the country can vary in regard to the amount of moisture it can hold. Soil types that contain a high amount of clay can shrink and swell in response to the amount of moisture in it. This action can cause shifting in the soil with resulting cracks in the foundation as it adjusts to the changes in soil condition. Continue reading

Signs You Have a Basement Foundation Problem


Shopping for a new house is exciting. You look for the ideal place where you can settle down. The community should be just right and should have the best schools. The bathrooms and bedrooms should be big and the kitchen should have a granite counter-top and other similar things.

There is one thing, which is not as exciting as the bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen, but equally important – the basement of the house and its condition! A smart homeowner or home-buyer will first check the basement, as it shows the condition of the foundation of the house.

Here are tips to follow to ensure that the basement of your home is safe, healthy and dry: Continue reading

Home Foundation Restoration


Make the Most of Basement Space with Home Foundation Restoration Services

The basement foundation of a home is often relegated as a space for mechanical systems and storage. This is especially true if the basement has some problems, such as moisture intrusion, bowing walls, or cracks in the foundation. With home foundation restoration, the basement can go from being a mostly unusable space to one that can function as additional living space for a growing and thriving family. Continue reading