Easy-to-Miss Signs That You Need Foundation Waterproofing | St. Francis, WI

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Many homeowners believe that when their homes need foundation waterproofing it will be obvious, like a flooded basement. However, the situation with your foundation will already be dire by the time your basement is flooding. Recovering from a flooded basement is not only expensive but difficult as well. You not only have to deal with

What Steel Brace Wall Reinforcement Can Do For Your Basement

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Basement Wall Reinforcement Beams Steel brace wall reinforcement strategies can offer real help for homeowners who need practical basement wall repair services in Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. Foundations and basement walls can develop leaks or cracks (see video) as a result of dramatic temperature swings or flooding in our area. Working with

Could Your Basement Be Helping the Ice Dams on Your Roof?

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Does what occurs in one part of your home have an impact on what happens elsewhere? Although the idea may seem counter-intuitive, your building is a complete system, and everything rests on its foundation. Problems beneath the soil can eventually cause issues at higher levels. Here’s what you need to know about your Milwaukee foundation

Benefits of Urethane Injection for Basement Walls

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Drilling process: 4” on either side of the crack, at a 45 degree angle, ensuring penetration to middle of poured wall. Foundation issues can detract from your enjoyment of your home and can even reduce its value over time. Working with a qualified Milwaukee basement specialist can help you resolve foundation problems quickly

A Guide to Tuckpointing (And Why You Should Care)

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Bricks give a unique appearance to houses, buildings, and other structures. Yet, when homes are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and significant rain, nature’s elements can take their toll on the mortar between the bricks. Mortar joints can give way due to excessive moisture, and when this occurs, the moisture could

A Good Home Starts With A Stable Foundation

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A recent report by CBS News tells of a town with widespread cracking of foundations and walls in it. One resident noticed mushrooms in her bedroom and realized that her bedroom windows were leaking. It was due to the whole side of the house sinking because it had foundation cracks in it. Homeowners in southeastern

Protect Your Home Investment With Proper Foundation Repair

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Accurate Basement Repair can fix your foundation The foundation of your home is an important structure that can develop problems over the years from moisture, settling and other issues that occur. Many people neglect these issues and later find that they must deal with larger problems at a later date. Inspecting your foundation