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Could Your Basement Be Helping the Ice Dams on Your Roof?


typical ice dam and leak 300x277Does what occurs in one part of your home have an impact on what happens elsewhere? Although the idea may seem counter-intuitive, your building is a complete system, and everything rests on its foundation. Problems beneath the soil can eventually cause issues at higher levels. Here’s what you need to know about your Milwaukee foundation repair options and the ice dams that are destroying your property from the top down.

Ice Dams Explained

An ice dam occurs when ice accumulates around your roof’s edges. As water freezes, it expands, and this process can form a dam that actually pushes its way beneath your roof’s shingles and into the membrane layers below. When it later melts, the resulting water has an open pathway into your home. Continue reading

Dealing With Ice Dams On A House


typical ice dam and leak 300x277Ice dams are a problem that occurs in cold climates where there is significant snowfall. The fast melting and freezing of the snow causes intrusions and damage to roofing materials that can spread to the interior of the house. These problems can cause significant expense in home repairs. However, smart homeowners can take measures to reduce the incidence of ice dams in winter.

Understanding Ice Dams

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that builds up along the edge of a home’s roof. This ridge prevents snowmelt from falling off the roof. As the pooled water becomes deeper, it begins to penetrate the roofing materials and leaks into the home’s interior. This problem occurs when warm air in the attic melts the lower layers of snowfall. The melted snow slides under upper layers until it meets the overhang, where it re-freezes. The melted slush becomes thicker and thicker, creating the ice dam ridge. Generally, this problem is hidden under the snow until a leak occurs inside the home. Continue reading