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All About Drain Tile Testing Procedures


drain tile testing 15 300x168Drain tile testing can help you determine the source of moisture in your basement and can provide you with the information you need to resolve these issues quickly. Working with an established Milwaukee waterproofing company can provide you with the right options for restoring your foundation and preventing leaks from damaging your basement area. Here are some key facts about drain tile testing and how it can help you protect your foundation and enjoy a drier basement now and in the future:

Understanding Your Drain Tile System

Your basement’s drain tile system allows water to flow away from your home and your foundation. This can prevent damage caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and seepage. Your drain tile system usually includes pipes with small perforations that lie atop a gravel bed. Channels and bleeders direct water from inside your foundation to the outside. If moisture is a consistent problem, a sump pump can be connected to your drain tile system to remove water from under your foundation on a continuing basis. Be sure to visit our Drain Tile Gallery to see pictures of this process. Continue reading