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Tips for Maintaining a Dry Basement in Milwaukee


seepage 4 300x168Making sure your basement is watertight and protected against leaks can help you make the most of these living spaces. Left unrepaired, water leaks can promote the growth of mold and mildew that can cause health issues for you and your family. Here are some of the most important points to remember about basement waterproofing in the Milwaukee area.

Look for the Warning Signs

In some cases, the symptoms of water leaks in your basement may be immediately evident. Some of the most common warning signs of leaks include the following: Continue reading

Poured Wall Foundation Crack Repair for Milwaukee Homes

B050 Poured Wall With Cracks and Leaks 300x279

Poured Wall With Cracks and Leaks

Cracks in your foundation can result in serious damage to interior spaces of your Milwaukee home. Addressing these issues as quickly as possible by calling a Milwaukee foundation repair company can help you protect the value of your property. Here are some of the most important things you should know about the foundation crack repair process.

Not All Cracks Leak

Cracks in the early process of formation may not leak or seep. This can create a false impression that these cracks are not serious and need no professional attention. Calling on an expert in Milwaukee foundation repair can allow you to determine if your cracks require immediate repair or whether they can be addressed at a later point in their development.

The Crack-Injection Method

Most foundation repair process begin with a thorough evaluation of the condition of your interior and exterior walls and a good look at any cracks that may be forming in your foundation. If large cracks are present, your foundation expert will generally begin the repair process by drilling carefully placed injection holes that angle in directly to the area of the crack. Injection ports are then placed in these drilled holes to deliver the chemical mixture precisely where it belongs. The crack-injection method is strictly for poured wall repairs, not for block walls.

How Does the Process Work?

Once the holes have been drilled, your foundation repair team will inject a moisture-activated urethane mixture into the ports, starting from the bottom and working their way upward to the top. This chemical mixture will react with water to expand, filling in any cracks and increasing the overall stability and strength of your basement walls and foundation. When the curing process is finished, any leaks in your poured wall foundation should be eliminated.

The Milwaukee foundation repair experts at Accurate Basement Repair can provide you and your family with the most practical and cost-effective solutions for all your foundation cracks and repair needs. We have the experience and the proven know-how to get the job done right and to provide you with outstanding customer support. Call us today at 414-744-6900 to schedule an appointment for waterproofing or restoration of your basement. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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Tips for Basement Waterproofing in Milwaukee

B064 Drainage Around Structure 296x300

Drainage Around Structure

Severe storms like the ones we have had lately can put your Milwaukee basement waterproofing to the test. If the recent rainfall has left your basement in need of a little repair, the experts at Accurate Basement Repair can provide you with the right solutions for your specific situation. Here are some helpful tips that can help you deal with a wet basement effectively and can prevent additional problems in the future:

Call Right Away

At the first sign of water leakage or damage caused by moisture, call your Milwaukee basement waterproofing company to schedule an appointment. Left uncorrected, leaking basements can allow mold and mildew to build up in walls or floors, presenting a serious health risk to you and your family. By calling us right away to remediate any problems and to restore your basement to its former waterproof condition, you can be sure of the most practical solutions for your Milwaukee home. Continue reading

A Guide to Tuckpointing (And Why You Should Care)


tuckpointing 300x225Bricks give a unique appearance to houses, buildings, and other structures. Yet, when homes are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and significant rain, nature’s elements can take their toll on the mortar between the bricks. Mortar joints can give way due to excessive moisture, and when this occurs, the moisture could weaken the structure and lead to waterproofing issues. For this reason, it’s important to contact a Milwaukee foundation repair specialist who can help to prevent the destruction or deterioration of the mortars in the bricks — a process known as tuckpointing.

What is Tuckpointing?

Continue reading

What’s That Red Stuff? Preventing Iron Bacteria


If you have iron bacteria, also known as iron ochre or iron ocher, an interior drain tile repair (replacement of existing system that is filled with iron ochre with new interior drain tile system) is the solution. Accurate Basement Repair always installs cleanouts when we do a drain tile job, but if we are doing one with excessive iron ochre, we install more cleanouts than we normally would to allow the customer to monitor the system from various points. This also gives them the ability to more easily flush the system. Accurate Basement Repair is the only local company that installs cleanouts – none of our competitors do it.

We found the following article by Stephen Andras interesting enough to share with our readers.

Throughout my 28-year career as a basement drainage system specialist, there has been a nagging problem that our industry seemed to ignore: iron bacteria.

Anyone that has installed basement drainage systems has encountered iron bacteria at one time or another. I remember back in my early years being called in as an expert witness to testify about a drainage system being clogged with a slimy orange substance. After the homeowner’s lawyer showed the jury these awful looking pictures of iron bacteria (back then we called it the “red stuff” ), I watched the basement contractor on the stand squirm a little and say, “I’ve never seen this before” and “this is a rare situation”.

This has been the problem all along in our industry. Yet all of us—including myself until a few years ago—refused to admit there is a problem. Most basement drainage systems come with a warranty from 20 years to Life-of-Structure. Read those warranties, though, and one will find that most, if not all, exclude iron ocher, iron bacteria, iron algae or whatever someone decides to call it.

Read more by Stephen Andras at Basement Health Pros, (PDF) starting on page 12.

Chris Mancuso Discusses Water Proofing on Saturday December 20, 2014


Chris Mancuso from Accurate Basement Repair was on The Redefined Realty Show on AM1130 WISN on Saturday December 20, 2014.


check if radon is coming from your basement

(Begin Transcript) Paul: Good morning, Bob Tarantino.

Bob: Hey Paul, got to make sure the mic is on. Last week or whatever though… two weeks ago, I kept forgetting to turn the microphone every time, I don’t know why. Eight years in doing this, you think I had learned…

Paul: That’s why. It gets complacent after eight years. Good morning Bob, we’ve got a busy show, we are going to launch right into it. It’s a two-hour program. Hour number one you’ve got two guests who are live in studio, we do plan on opening up lines because when these two guests are on we get plenty of calls.

Bob: Yeah we do… We’ve got inspector gadget Scott LeMarr, from an Honest Home Inspections. Good morning Scott.

Scott: Good morning, I’m always happy to be here.

Paul: Great to have you, and on the other side of the studio over here, Chris Mancuso from Accurate Basement Repair.

Chris Mancuso: Hello everybody.

Paul: Welcome back Chris.

Chris Mancuso: Merry Christmas.

Paul: Merry Christmas to you as well.

Chris Mancuso: Absolutely.

Scott: Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?
Continue reading

Chris Mancuso Discusses Waterproofing on Saturday November 15, 2014


Chris Mancuso from Accurate Basement Repair was on The Redefined Realty Show on AM1130 WISN on Saturday November 15, 2014.

(Begin Transcript) Paul: Good morning and welcome. It is time for the Redefined Realty Show, NewsTalk 1130 WISN with your host Bob Tarantino. I’m Paul Kronforst. Bob, good morning.

Bob: Hey, Paul.

Paul: We’ve got a full studio full of guests today that we’ll introduce, and we’re going to open up lines and take your calls. But first, crank the music, . . . There’s a big Nebraska game today.

Bob: Yeah, it kicks off in a couple of hours.

Paul: 2:30, Camp Randall could be snow falling toward the end. That would be cool.

Bob: Yeah, that would be good.

Paul: Nebraska is a good team, good test for the Badgers. We’ll see how the Big Ten season winds up here. Bob, we have as I mentioned a studio full of guests. I’ll let you introduce our guests.

Bob: It’s going to be a spectacular show, not just this hour, but hour number two as well. So in the studio right now we have Chris Mancuso from Accurate Basement Repair. How’s it going, Chris? Continue reading

Dealing With Ice Dams On A House


typical ice dam and leak 300x277Ice dams are a problem that occurs in cold climates where there is significant snowfall. The fast melting and freezing of the snow causes intrusions and damage to roofing materials that can spread to the interior of the house. These problems can cause significant expense in home repairs. However, smart homeowners can take measures to reduce the incidence of ice dams in winter.

Understanding Ice Dams

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that builds up along the edge of a home’s roof. This ridge prevents snowmelt from falling off the roof. As the pooled water becomes deeper, it begins to penetrate the roofing materials and leaks into the home’s interior. This problem occurs when warm air in the attic melts the lower layers of snowfall. The melted snow slides under upper layers until it meets the overhang, where it re-freezes. The melted slush becomes thicker and thicker, creating the ice dam ridge. Generally, this problem is hidden under the snow until a leak occurs inside the home. Continue reading

Prevention is Key in Keeping a Basement Dry


A dry basement is great for potential space in a home and reducing airborne allergens associated with mold and mildew. Most problems occur due to poor grading and water seepage. Installing a sump pump and identifying the source of water seepage is the first task for good water management. Here is an overview of the best way to create a dry and comfortable basement.

Sump Pump Overview

B091 Sump Pump Discharge Options 1005x1024A good sump setup should have proper pitch to allow water to flow into the pit and enough horsepower to quickly drain the pit during heavy storms. A common problem with sump pump installations is improper hookup.

Sump pumps can be discharged into a city storm sewer or have a visible discharge outside. Check your local ordinances if you are able to discharge into the storm sewer. An outside discharge works best in heavily sloped yards away from the house. Modern sump pumps should discharge using a check valve if they go into a sanitary sewer or storm drain. The most common problems in sump pumps can be linked to failure in the float device or a bad check valve that allows the basement to flood. Continue reading