How to Install Glass Block Windows New Brunswick, WI

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What Are Glass Block Windows? As the name implies, glass block windows are transparent squares that combine to form a whole window. The glass block is really just clear rock, pure silica; each one is either 7.75x7.75 inches or 5.75x5.75 inches and can weigh between 3 to 4 pounds. That weight is an important factor

How Much Value Does an Egress Window Add? Wauwatosa, WI

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If you are thinking about making your basement into living space, you should also be thinking about egress window installation. An egress window is simply a window big enough to serve as an exit in case of an emergency. All bedrooms must have egress windows, so if you are planning a bedroom in the basement,

Repair and Replacement of Glass Block Windows

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Glass block windows can provide added light along with welcome privacy for your basement. This can ensure the most comfortable surroundings for you and your family inside your Milwaukee home. If these windows become damaged, however, they can allow water and cold air to creep inside, reducing your home’s energy efficiency and diminishing your ability

All About Egress Windows for Milwaukee Homes

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Egress windows are intended to provide a point of rescue for bedrooms and other areas inside your home if a fire or other emergency situation should arise. These exit windows are required in all residences under the International Residential Code (IRC 2015). This code is updated every three years and provides guidelines on maintaining safety

Glass Block Windows: Are They Right For Your Basement?

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A lot of homeowners would love to replace the windows in their basement. They’re ugly, they’re drafty, and when it rains and snows they leak all over the floor. For some homeowners, it’s been many years since those windows were replaced, and for others they were there when they bought the house and they’ve never