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All About Egress Windows for Milwaukee Homes


Egress windows are intended to provide a point of rescue for bedrooms and other areas inside your home if a fire or other emergency situation should arise. These exit windows are required in all residences under the International Residential Code (IRC 2015). This code is updated every three years and provides guidelines on maintaining safety and ensuring quality in the residential construction and remodeling industry. Enlisting the help of a qualified Milwaukee basement contractor can ensure that these windows are installed properly and according to all applicable codes for their construction.

What Are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are intended to provide emergency exits from your home and must be easily operated from inside the home without keys or tools. Making sure your home’s egress windows are in compliance with all codes and regulations can help you ensure that your family members are safe and can be extricated from your home easily. Rooms that have doors leading directly to the outside do not require an egress window. Continue reading

Glass Block Windows: Are They Right For Your Basement?


glass block windows 300x224A lot of homeowners would love to replace the windows in their basement. They’re ugly, they’re drafty, and when it rains and snows they leak all over the floor. For some homeowners, it’s been many years since those windows were replaced, and for others they were there when they bought the house and they’ve never been replaced. What sort of windows would both look good and be both energy efficient and waterproof?

Glass block windows might be a good solution for the basement. They came into their own in the Art Moderne style of home, between the 1920s and the 1940s. In those types of houses, glass block windows were placed not only in the basement but in the upper floors as well and usually left unadorned. Continue reading

Emergency! Escape Your Basement Using An Egress Window


If you live in a house with a basement, exiting the basement safely in case of emergency can potentially save your life. You might want to research your options for having an egress window installed professionally. An egress window is a window that is intended to provide an emergency means of exiting a dwelling, usually from a basement. Since this type of window is so big, they’re capable of functioning as doors. If an emergency arises in the basement, it’s definitely always a smart and safe idea to have another exit option. Not only can egress windows increase the safety of the members of your household, but they can also allow more natural light in.

Egress windows are helpful because opening them isn’t complicated. Opening them is actually simple and straightforward. If a dangerous situation should occur in the basement, an egress window can make getting out quickly easy. Children, for example, frequently use these windows as fire exits. Opening egress windows is simple for people of all ages, including the youngsters. Continue reading