Could Your Remodeling Project Be Responsible for Wall Cracks? St.Francis, WI

Remodeling your home offers you the opportunity to achieve the home of your dreams without having to construct a house from scratch or purchasing a new home. Remodeling will not only add to the quality of your life while living in your current home but can also add value to the home. This is key, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future.

While there are many benefits to remodeling a home, there are also some downsides. One of these downsides is the impact of the remodel on your foundation. There are instances when a remodeling project results in foundation damage and wall cracks.wall-cracks-st-francis-wi-accurate-basement-repair-1

How Remodeling Can Damage a Foundation

There are several considerations made when designing and constructing a home. Architects and structural engineers consider various factors to determine the level of support that the building requires. They design the foundation of the home to provide adequate support.

If your home was constructed years ago, different considerations were made in designing your home than in designing a modern home. For example, homeowners in the past did not have as many heavy appliances and bulky fittings as we do today. Remodeling your house to include these heavy appliances and fittings can result in placing increased pressure on the foundation of your home. Your foundation may shift as a result. You may notice wall cracks as time goes by.

Another way that remodeling can cause foundation problems is by changing the structure of your house. This may include getting rid of a supporting wall within the home. Many people do this in order to open up their homes. However, they fail to consider how the building was designed and the structural support required to keep the building stable. They fail to add supporting structures to replace the wall. This will have an impact on the distribution of weight on the foundation.wall-cracks-st-francis-wi-accurate-basement-repair-2

Dealing with Foundation Damage

The best way to deal with foundation damage is to avoid it in the first place. Proper planning and the involvement of foundation experts can help you avoid costly problems in future. If you are already experiencing wall cracks as a result of a remodel project, have the cracks repaired by a foundation expert. This will ensure that you are provided with a solution that will have long term benefits.

If you’re considering remodeling your home, consider the state of your foundation and ensure that your project won’t cause more harm than good.

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