crawl space 300x225Moisture and humidity are often the biggest culprits to allergies and lower air quality in the home. Where is the source of most of this humidity? It’s often found in the poor circulation of the crawl space. These spaces are not as deep as a basement yet present some of the same problems found in basement with waterproofing and humidity.

What is crawlspace encapsulation?

Encapsulation involves completely sealing the crawlspace against any incoming moisture and humidity. Plastic vapor barriers and a dehumidifier system are the most common tools for the foundation of a good encapsulation system. We recommend contracting out this difficult project to an experienced Milwaukee basement contractor to evaluate proper moisture control in the crawl space. Most crawl space encapsulation procedures also insulate the doors and any areas that may become subject to extreme temperatures in the winter or summer.

How can encapsulation improve home air quality

Crawl space air is the most unconditioned air in the home and contributes to allergens. In fact, research has shown that rising dampness from a crawl space can contribute to household mold and increase the presence of structural problems for poor airflow. As an added bonus, encapsulation can usually help prevent infiltration of termites as well by reducing the moisture level near wood beams and joists.

Techniques to consider

A good Milwaukee basement contractor can use a variety of techniques to remove moisture and improve air flow in your crawl space. The best crawl space encapsulation procedures will look at the existing soil and level of moisture to determine the type of drainage needed.

* French drains and perimeter drains

Crawl space encapsulation can include a sump pump and proper french drain to move moisture away from the house if there is standing water. It functions just like a basement sump and helps keep interior moisture out of the encapsulated area.

* Radon mitigation

Crawl space encapsulation is a popular way to reduce the amount of radon gas that enters the home. A vapor barrier and sealed sump can prevent radon gas from escaping into the lower level of the home.

* Condition the space

A conditioned area can easily be made with proper ventilation and insulation. This makes it easier to navigate under the crawl space for minor home repairs or storage.

Let an experienced Milwaukee basement contractor handle your basement problems, and get it done right the first time.

Photo by BillSmith_03303, using CC License