Gutter Leaks might lead to Foundation Repair

This spring has certainly been a wet one with a seeming overload of rain in many parts of the Upper Midwest. Combined with spring thaws and continued wet weather for the past year, many Wisconsin homeowners are finding themselves with muddy yards and wet basements these days. Even homes that have not found their foundations completely underwater are having to deal with plenty of problems, such as leaks, high indoor humidity levels, puddles in the basement and cracks and buckling in foundational walls. If you are a frustrated Wisconsin homeowner struggling with foundation repair issues, use these tips to keep your basement dry and to repair any current damage that you may have.

Redirect the Flow of Water Outdoors

The first and most obvious step that you should take to keep your basement dry and your foundation strong is to ensure that you do not have water flowing towards your basement. Obviously, you will have some rainfall around your foundation. However, you can help direct water away from your home using gutters and downspouts to collect the water coming off your roof. You can also regrade your land. Make sure that your yard gently slopes away from your home, and install gravel or rocks around your foundation to aid in drainage.

Choose Professional Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is the best and most ideal way to prevent water from coming inside. Waterproofing creates an impermeable barrier so that you can rest easy the next time a big storm sweeps through your area. When it comes to waterproofing your basement, you have a few different options depending on your budget and your needs. The easiest option is interior waterproofing. With this option, waterproof coating or sealant is painted on your interior basement walls. However, you may want to consider exterior waterproofing instead, which provides an even better solution for perpetually damp basements. While exterior waterproofing is more expensive because it requires complete excavation around the foundation walls followed by the installation of a French drain or a sump pump, the return on this investment is 30 percent, showing that this provides excellent value for your home.

Repair Visible Foundation Damage

If you already have cracks or broken walls in your foundation, you must seek professional foundation repair to prevent further damage. Foundation specialists have several options for repairing foundation damage if regrading the ground around the home and waterproofing the basement have not provided sufficient relief. Significant damage may require complete rebuilding of some or all of the walls. In this case, the foundation will need to be completely excavated to provide complete access. For greater stability, your home may also require steel brace wall reinforcements. These interior beams stand firm against the pressures of water and soil outside the home and are particularly good at preventing buckling walls.

When it comes to foundation repair, you need to choose professionals like the ones at Accurate Basement Repair who have plenty of experience working on homes in your area. These professionals will have the best understanding of common foundation types as well as typical soil and weather conditions, which will determine the type of foundation wall rebuilds or repairs that are best suited for your home.