Do you have a wet, damp and leaky basement? Do you dream of a basement that can be used as an extra bedroom, lounge or even as a nice dry storage area with closets? Well, your dreams can become a reality. There are solutions that can transform that musty, useless basement into a lovely living area for you and your family to enjoy.

Causes of Wet Basements

There are many causes for wet basement problems in and around the Milwaukee area. One major cause for wet and damp basements is if the ground is level or slopes toward the foundation of your home. The water that runs off your home must then flow away from your home and not towards your home.

Another cause of wet basements is a lack of proper gutters and downspouts. When it rains, the water should flow down gutters into downspouts that carry water away from your home. Rainwater falling down your roof and alongside your home will spell trouble.

Did you know that for every 1,000 square feet of roof you have, 600 gallons of water can accumulate with only one inch of rainfall? Imagine all that water flowing towards your home instead of away from it!

Wet basements are also due to structural cracks in concrete foundations and concrete blocks. Clay soil, common in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and surrounding areas can cause problems for basements. When clay soil is wet, it becomes heavy and expands. Buildings and homes in the Milwaukee area combat clay soil with the use of solid concrete foundation walls. Over time, however, these concrete walls may shrink and settle, causing cracks that allow water to leak into basements.

Solutions for a Dry Basement

Accurate Basement Repair offers solutions that will give you a dry basement. For cracked foundation walls, we use a process called urethane injection process. Cured urethane is an excellent product to use, since it doesn’t break down. Walls can be repaired in this process from the inside.

Another solution for wet basements in the Milwaukee area is waterproofing basement walls. You should consider this method if your basement walls or floors show signs of:

  • Mold and/or mildew
  • Discoloration and/or peeling paint
  • Damp spots or water spots

For more serious structural problems, consider having your home lifted and leveled, otherwise called underpinning or piering. Our Milwaukee basement waterproofing experts know how to solve all your leaky basement problems.