drain tile testing 4 300x169Scheduling a drain tile test can provide added insights into the general condition of your home’s foundation. Working with an established Milwaukee basement contractor can provide you with the most accurate information and the best guidance on how to manage any problems detected during this testing procedure. Understanding the basics of drain tile systems and testing can help you make the most cost-effective choices for your Milwaukee home.

What Are Drain Tile Systems?

Most homes have drain tile systems which are designed to direct water away from home’s foundation. Drain tile systems typically consist of several components, including the following:
* Perforated pipes (interior and/or exterior) that allow water to drain away from the foundation
* A gravel bed that allows water to seep downward to the drain tiles
* A channel cove system to allow water flow from the weep holes
* Bleeders to connect the exterior drain tile to the interior drain tile
* A sump pump and crock to propel water away from the foundation

If any of these elements do not function properly, water can build up under the basement floor, in the block hollows or along the exterior base of the foundation, which can cause seepage, efflorescence and/or mold. Consulting with an experienced basement waterproofing company can provide added information regarding the functionality of the drain tile system that exists in your basement and can ensure that any problems are identified and resolved quickly.

Elements of a Drain Tile Test

During your drain tile test, the estimator and technician will do the following things:
* Two or three holes will be opened in various areas of your basement floor to check for mud, standing water, roots, shale, iron ochre or any other type of interior drain tile blockage.
* Your estimator may also test the exterior drain tile system by performing a “spud” test.
* The interior drain tile system will be tested by running water through the holes that were opened up. This can reveal clogs and malfunctioning areas in your home’s drain tile system.
* Web or spoke-type drain tile systems may require a more extensive examination to determine where problems lie.

Once your drain tile test is complete, you can discuss the findings and consider any possible solutions and recommendations offered by your estimator. You will be provided with a full write up of the findings and results of the test.

Working with an established Milwaukee basement contractor like Accurate Basement Repair can provide you and your family with greater peace of mind when addressing foundation issues and leaks in your basement. By enlisting the help of these knowledgeable and experienced professionals, you can achieve the best and most dependable results for your Milwaukee home.

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Basement Leaks at Lower Block

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Basement – Drain Tile Test

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Efflorescence Salt Stains

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Drain Tile Types

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Water Spud Test