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Foundation wall rebuild by a Milwaukee basement specialist

For most homeowners, foundation problems may seem overwhelming and insoluble. Broken or buckling walls can allow water to leak into basements and may even reduce the overall integrity of the entire building. Retaining the services of a qualified Milwaukee basement specialist can provide added guidance and support in managing these serious issues. Here are four facts you need to know about wall rebuilding and foundation repair for your home.

1. Water Is Usually the Culprit

Hydrostatic force is usually responsible for bowing and buckling foundations. Water present in the soil expands and contracts as temperatures change, creating uneven pressure against foundation walls. This can cause excess weight to build up in certain spots and can force the wall inward, cracking and damaging your home’s foundation. As soil and water shift to these areas, other parts of your wall may bow outward into the space left vacant, causing even more issues for your foundation.

2. The Condition Will Not Improve on its Own

Structural damage to your foundation walls will only worsen over time. Consulting with a professional Milwaukee basement specialist at the first signs of trouble can reduce the cost of treating these issues and can often stop the progress of foundation deterioration before serious damage has been done. By acting quickly to address leaks, cracks and other telltale signs of foundation damage, you can reduce the cost of repairs while preserving the value of your home.

3. Options Are Available

Your basement repair professional will provide you with a comprehensive cost-effective solution, such as:

* Steel brace wall reinforcements
* Interior drain tile
* Exterior waterproofing
* Wall rebuilding
* Urethane injections (for poured concrete walls)

By acting early to address basement issues, you can significantly improve your chances of managing these problems in a cost-effective way.

4. Rebuilding the Foundation Wall

A full rebuild of one or more foundation walls requires access from both sides. This means a full excavation outside the wall to remove pressure during the rebuilding process. Your Milwaukee basement specialist will install supports all along the wall to be rebuilt; this will provide added structural stability. Taking time out to move plants, statuary and other elements of your landscaping can help to prevent damage to these decorative items and plants. In most cases, the area outside the rebuilt foundation wall will require additional grading and landscaping after the original dirt and fill has settled.

Working with a company that specializes in basement and foundation repair can provide added peace of mind for homeowners throughout the stressful wall rebuilding process. The highly skilled and experienced technicians at Accurate Basement Repair can provide an in-depth assessment of your foundation’s condition and can offer practical solutions to resolve problems quickly and in the most cost-effective manner possible. By entrusting your basement and foundation to these technical experts, you can enjoy the best outcome for your Milwaukee home.