glass block windows 300x224A lot of homeowners would love to replace the windows in their basement. They’re ugly, they’re drafty, and when it rains and snows they leak all over the floor. For some homeowners, it’s been many years since those windows were replaced, and for others they were there when they bought the house and they’ve never been replaced. What sort of windows would both look good and be both energy efficient and waterproof?

Glass block windows might be a good solution for the basement. They came into their own in the Art Moderne style of home, between the 1920s and the 1940s. In those types of houses, glass block windows were placed not only in the basement but in the upper floors as well and usually left unadorned.

Back in those days, the glass block windows didn’t have Energy Star ratings, but the ones that are installed today do. Their energy efficiency compares favorably with that of other types of thermal, double-paned windows. Many of these windows are airtight and are low-E, or low emissivity. This means they allow less heat to be lost than more traditional kinds of windows.

Glass block windows also add an esthetically pleasing touch to any room they’re in. This includes the basement, a space many homeowners ignore when it comes to decoration.

Not only that, because of the way they’re made, glass blocks can let in light while creating such visual distortion that no one can really see through them. That way, they protect privacy while still allowing natural light to flow into a space. Glass blocks are also fire-resistant, dampen sounds and are hard to break especially if the glass blocks are solid. Even in the unlikely event that a glass block is cracked, it can be replaced fairly easily. In addition, the strength and sturdiness of a glass block window dissuades burglars.

Typically, glass block windows are made off-site and then installed. Installing them on-site is time consuming and messy, since the blocks are set into mortar and not panes made out of wood or metal or vinyl. We at Accurate Basement Repair, the premier Milwaukee basement waterproofing contractor, are the experts when it comes to installing or repairing glass block windows for our customers. Residential and commercial customers in the Milwaukee area who are interested in weatherproof, sturdy and beautiful glass block windows shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call at 414-744-6900 to find out more.