Hiring a foundation repair contractor is an important task—but it’s also one that might feel daunting. If you’ve never had to hire this type of professional before then you might have no idea what to even look for. You may be wondering if all foundation repair contractors are the same? And if not, what are some things to look for that would ensure you’ve hired a good one? After all, you don’t want to trust your home’s foundation to just anyone.

Making a decision about who to hire is important and you should plan to put in the time to do some research. Of course, you need to know what to keep an eye out for. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Use the Web to your Advantage

With the Internet at your fingertips it’s easier than ever to do your “homework” and research the companies that you might be considering. For one, you should spend some time on the companies’ websites reading more about them. It helps to see whether the company you’re considering is invested in offering educational content, such as blog articles, as this shows the company is invested in keeping their customers informed.
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On top of that, you can also use review sites such as Google Reviews or even Facebook to see what other people have to say about the service provided by the companies you’re considering. Look for companies with 4 and 5-star ratings, which demonstrates that lots of past customers were happy with their work.

Check References and Referrals

In addition to third-party review sites, you can also ask the companies that you are considering if they’re willing to provide references that you can call and talk to. Be wary of companies that are unwilling to provide this information as it may mean they don’t have a lot of customers willing to vouch for their services.

It always helps to talk to family and friends, as well. Who did they use for foundation services and were they happy with the contractor? This kind of information can help you narrow down your selection.

Request Licenses and Insurance

As you narrow down your list of potential contractors, make sure to ask for proof of license and insurance before committing to a contractor. It also pays to verify this information. For licensing, make sure that you check with your state’s department of labor or licensing board for contractors. For insurance, you can actually call the provider and verify that the contractor is up to date with all of their insurances.

Don’t Limit Yourself

While there’s no question that doing your due diligence can be time-consuming, the effort that you put in is worth it. Go into the process knowing that it’s going to take a little bit of a time investment but that it will pay off by helping guarantee that you’ll hire a contractor who will get the job done right—the first time.

Chances are, you’ve heard the horror stories. There are foundation repair contractors out there who have made mistakes or done poor work and left their customers completely in the lurch. These customers have lost money in their investment and may need additional work performed to make up for those mistakes. But if you make the right choice the first time around, you can prevent this from happening.

This is why it’s important not to limit yourself. Don’t just hire the first foundation repair company that you come across. Start with a list of several in your area and then go through the process that we’ve described above in narrowing down the choices.

Notice we didn’t mention price as a comparison option. That’s because it can be a dangerous path to shop on price alone. The truth is, good work sometimes does cost a little more—and it is worth investing that extra money to be sure the job is performed properly. After all, if the job isn’t done right the first time, you’ll wind up paying more money down the road anyhow. But if you put in the time and research in choosing wisely, you can prevent things from going wrong.

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