Make the Most of Basement Space with Home Foundation Restoration Services

The basement foundation of a home is often relegated as a space for mechanical systems and storage. This is especially true if the basement has some problems, such as moisture intrusion, bowing walls, or cracks in the foundation. With home foundation restoration, the basement can go from being a mostly unusable space to one that can function as additional living space for a growing and thriving family.

Foundation Restoration

Over the years, uneven settling, heavy rains, pressure from the soil or even construction of nearby roads and buildings can lead to a damaged foundation. To restore a home’s foundation, a Milwaukee basement waterproofing company like Accurate Basement Repair offers:

A restored foundation provides local homeowners with the opportunity to have the basement space finished into a living area complete with drop ceilings, attractive walls and more.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing eliminates water intrusion into the basement. Water intrusion can leave unsightly stains on the walls and floors, produces an unpleasant odor, and can fuel the growth of mold and mildew in the basement and throughout the home. High moisture levels in the basement can also damage any items destroyed there and can cause faster wear and tear on mechanical systems. Waterproofing services include sealing the walls, installation of French interior and exterior drain systems, and sump pump and drain tile installation. Once the basement is waterproofed, homeowners can go forth with plans to carpet the basement floor and furnish the area as a functional living space for family activities.

Concrete Contracting

Whether the basement has poured concrete walls or a concrete floor that needs repairs, our Milwaukee basement waterproofing company will restore the concrete so that it functions and looks as good as new. We partner with experienced concrete specialists who work specifically on Milwaukee basements. Our concrete contracting services offer the highest accuracy and effectiveness for repairs and restoration in the area.

In repairing the concrete, waterproofing the floors and walls and otherwise restoring the basement foundation, a home will gain value, attractiveness and functionality. Many homeowners find that instead of purchasing a new, bigger home, they have the space they need right at home in their own refinished basements.