When you start to see cracks in your foundation walls, you might be concerned that your whole house is at risk, and that you’re looking at major money to fix it. Those fears may be groundless on both counts. If you have a poured concrete foundation (the most common one in the Milwaukee area), you’d be a good candidate for the crack-injection method. One of the experts at Accurate Basement will be able to assess the situation. Most of the time, the crack-injection method will prove the best option. It has been the most widely-accepted way of dealing with these repairs throughout the Midwest for decades.

Factors to Consider

The width and depth of the crack. Cracks can appear that are as thin as a hair, or as wide as an inch. Crack-injection can work on cracks of all different kinds of widths, and on those that penetrate even a 12-inch wall.

Whether the crack is dormant or active. A professional from Accurate Basement will be able to tell you whether the crack has ceased increasing; this is a dormant crack. The material used in the crack-injection method for dormant cracks does not have to be responsive. An active crack, judged to be still moving, requires a sealant to be flexible if it is to be effective. The crack-injection method can be used with actively moving cracks; they need to be addressed completely and carefully, though.


Whether or not appearance is a factor. If you have a finished basement, you want the crack repair to be invisible once it’s done. With the crack-injection method, you can paint or decorate as usual.

Crack-Injection Process

Injection ports. If there are large cracks, the process begins with drilling injection holes adjacent to and angled into the crack. Injection ports can then be placed in these holes. This provides a perfect delivery system for the chemical that will seal the crack.

Injection material. There are different chemicals and materials for different kinds of cracks. Your expert from Accurate Basement will already have determined whether you need an epoxy resin, a polyurethane foam, or something else. Whatever kind of injection material is needed, it will be carefully inserted into the crack.

From the bottom, up. The foundation repair professional will work carefully from the lowest injection port up to the top. The chemical mixture inserted into the crack will react and expand, filling the entire width and depth of the crack. As each portion of the crack is deemed completely filled, the work moves upward.

Better Than New. Once the crack-injection method has been done and the material has had a chance to fully bond with the concrete, your foundation will be even better than before. The crack-injection method is sometimes referred to as concrete welding because it is that strong and secure. Your house’s foundation will be as stable (or more so) as it was when first done.

The Milwaukee foundation repair experts at Accurate Basement Repair can provide you and your family with the most practical and cost-effective solutions for all your foundation cracks and repair needs. We have the experience and the proven know-how to get the job done right.

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