Important Facts To Know Before Having Egress Windows Installed New Berlin, WI

Building regulations state that you should install egress windows in all rooms that can be used as sleeping or living spaces in your home. Such spaces include finished basements and other rooms below the fourth story in your home. unnamed 300x225

Below are some useful facts that you should know about egress windows.

  1. Egress windows: What are they?

Egress windows can be defined as a special type of windows that are installed in a building to facilitate a safe and quick exit in case of an emergency. These windows are special openings because there are certain specifications that must be adhered to when designing them.

For example, egress windows should have a clear opening that has not been obstructed with grills, and they should be operated from the inside for ease of opening. Additionally, the windows should be designed in such a way that they do not require a key or any other equipment to open.

  1. Do egress windows require a professional installer?

Egress windows certainly have to be installed by a certified technician because of the specifications that must be met. You should work with a professional company that understands all building regulations so that your egress windows are installed well and meet the required standards.  egress1 header 300x206

  1. What are the benefits of egress windows?

You can enjoy many benefits by installing egress windows in your basement and other spaces in your home. Below are some of the benefits.

  • Safety in case of an emergency: As noted above, the primary purpose of having egress windows is to provide openings that can be used to safely and quickly exit a building in the event of an emergency. Rescue personnel can also use the egress windows to access your house and provide the necessary help during a disaster.
  • Exposure to fresh air and natural light: Egress windows allow more fresh air and natural light to enter the spaces where they are installed. This helps avoid conditions such as dimness and stuffiness in basements and other spaces in your home.
  • Increased operational space: By making spaces such as basements airy and well-lit, egress windows help create more usable space in your home. For example, an egress window can turn your dark and stuffy basement into a more livable space that may be used as a bedroom, family room or home office.
  • Beauty: Egress windows make basements more attractive, and this enhances the beauty of your home.

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