Benefits of Urethane Injection for Basement Walls

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Drilling process: 4” on either side of the crack, at a 45 degree angle, ensuring penetration to middle of poured wall.

Foundation issues can detract from your enjoyment of your home and can even reduce its value over time. Working with a qualified Milwaukee basement specialist can help you resolve foundation problems quickly to protect your home and your property against the negative effects of cracks and damage to this structural component. By addressing these issues quickly and effectively, you can ensure the safest and healthiest environment for yourself and your family.

Benefits of Urethane Injection Crack Repair

One of the most important services offered by your Milwaukee basement specialist is crack repair. Injecting urethane into these cracks can seal them and prevent water from intruding into your home. This can help you to avoid issues with mold, mildew and water damage that can have serious health effects for your family. Urethane treatments are designed to be permanent solutions for your foundation and can last for the life of your basement. These safe and nontoxic repair solutions are compliant with building codes throughout our area and can be used as soon as three years after initial construction of the building has been completed. Continue reading

Tips for Basement Waterproofing in Milwaukee

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Drainage Around Structure

Severe storms like the ones we have had lately can put your Milwaukee basement waterproofing to the test. If the recent rainfall has left your basement in need of a little repair, the experts at Accurate Basement Repair can provide you with the right solutions for your specific situation. Here are some helpful tips that can help you deal with a wet basement effectively and can prevent additional problems in the future:

Call Right Away

At the first sign of water leakage or damage caused by moisture, call your Milwaukee basement waterproofing company to schedule an appointment. Left uncorrected, leaking basements can allow mold and mildew to build up in walls or floors, presenting a serious health risk to you and your family. By calling us right away to remediate any problems and to restore your basement to its former waterproof condition, you can be sure of the most practical solutions for your Milwaukee home. Continue reading

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A Guide to Tuckpointing (And Why You Should Care)


tuckpointing 300x225Bricks give a unique appearance to houses, buildings, and other structures. Yet, when homes are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and significant rain, nature’s elements can take their toll on the mortar between the bricks. Mortar joints can give way due to excessive moisture, and when this occurs, the moisture could weaken the structure and lead to waterproofing issues. For this reason, it’s important to contact a Milwaukee foundation repair specialist who can help to prevent the destruction or deterioration of the mortars in the bricks — a process known as tuckpointing.

What is Tuckpointing?

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Signs Your Basement Needs Repair

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stair step cracks in a block foundation

You may not give your home’s basement a thought until a problem develops. Then, moisture, odors and suspicious cracks in the walls may send up flags of alarm that something is not right with your foundation, and you had better call a basement repair professional before the problem gets worse.

Water Accumulation

If the rainy season brings problems of water accumulation in your basement, it’s time to contact a Milwaukee basement repair contractor to find the source of the problem to protect your home investment. Water accumulation can damage furniture, flooring or the items you store in your basement for later use, costing you thousands of dollars for replacement. A foundation repair contractor can provide waterproofing and other measures to ensure that rainwater stays outside your home.

Cracks in Basement Walls

Many basement walls have small cracks in the concrete foundation that don’t seem to cause a problem, but which may worsen over time to allow water or insects into the area. Your Milwaukee basement repair contractor can handle these minor repairs to ensure that they don’t become a more expensive problem in the future.

BONUS VIDEO: What Do These Basement Cracks Mean? Continue reading

Chris Mancuso Discusses Drain Tile on Saturday March 12, 2016


Chris Mancuso from Accurate Basement Repair was on The Fix-It Show With Tom Feiza on 620 WTMJ on Saturday March 12, 2016.

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Chris Mancuso on the radio

(Begin Transcript) Announcer: Need help around the house? Even the handiest do-it-yourselfer needs an extra hand sometimes. Let Mr. Fixit, Tom Feiza, help you out. You fix it during the Fixit Show on 620 WTMJ.

Danny: Fixit Show brought to you by Plumbing Parts Plus, Rupena’s Fine Foods, Allparts, Siding Unlimited and J&B Construction. Good morning everybody. 8:08 at 620 WTMJ. I’m Danny Clayton right along with Mr. Fixit. Good morning, Tom Feiza.

Tom: Hey Danny, it’s a great fixit day. And now it’s going to be a great basement fixit day.

Danny: Oh, we better start taking calls now, because we always get basement calls. Chris Mancuso of Accurate Basement Repair is here. Hey, Chris. What’s going on? How are you doing man?

Chris: Good, I’m fantastic. I’m fantastic.

Danny: I see from your bio, you are nationally certified. Tell me about that.

Chris: Nationally certified. There’s only about 30 people in the country that have two certifications that we have here at Accurate Basement Repair. Actually, I’m a nationally certified foundation repair specialist and I’m a nationally certified waterproofing specialist. So it does make a big difference. We’re not all the same out there. And we’re going to talk about the differences in us and some of the other folks out there. But we spend a lot of time on education in doing what we do. And so everyone out there gets the best repair out there and we can answer questions that are related to both commercial and residential. Continue reading

Drain Tile Testing: The First Step to a Drier Basement


drain tile testing 4 300x169Scheduling a drain tile test can provide added insights into the general condition of your home’s foundation. Working with an established Milwaukee basement contractor can provide you with the most accurate information and the best guidance on how to manage any problems detected during this testing procedure. Understanding the basics of drain tile systems and testing can help you make the most cost-effective choices for your Milwaukee home.

What Are Drain Tile Systems?

Most homes have drain tile systems which are designed to direct water away from home’s foundation. Drain tile systems typically consist of several components, including the following:
* Perforated pipes (interior and/or exterior) that allow water to drain away from the foundation
* A gravel bed that allows water to seep downward to the drain tiles
* A channel cove system to allow water flow from the weep holes
* Bleeders to connect the exterior drain tile to the interior drain tile
* A sump pump and crock to propel water away from the foundation
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Why Your Basement Might Need To Be Excavated and Have Its Walls Rebuilt

excavation jp9 300x225

Foundation wall repair by a Milwaukee basement contractor

Excavating a basement is a major undertaking, and you will need help from a Milwaukee basement contractor to complete quality work on this type of significant project. This is a process where the dirt around the exterior walls of the basement is removed to expose the full length of the walls. It gives a contractor access to the basement walls so that they can be repaired, restored or improved in some way. There are a number of instances when excavating the basement may be beneficial or even required, and these are a few of the more common reasons for this type of project to be completed. Continue reading

Four Facts Milwaukee Homeowners Need to Know about Foundation Wall Rebuilding and Repair

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Foundation wall rebuild by a Milwaukee basement specialist

For most homeowners, foundation problems may seem overwhelming and insoluble. Broken or buckling walls can allow water to leak into basements and may even reduce the overall integrity of the entire building. Retaining the services of a qualified Milwaukee basement specialist can provide added guidance and support in managing these serious issues. Here are four facts you need to know about wall rebuilding and foundation repair for your home.

1. Water Is Usually the Culprit

Hydrostatic force is usually responsible for bowing and buckling foundations. Water present in the soil expands and contracts as temperatures change, creating uneven pressure against foundation walls. This can cause excess weight to build up in certain spots and can force the wall inward, cracking and damaging your home’s foundation. As soil and water shift to these areas, other parts of your wall may bow outward into the space left vacant, causing even more issues for your foundation. Continue reading