Summer hasn’t even officially ended, but with the kids heading back to school and those leaves ready to change, it’s time to think about winterizing your basement. One of the biggest problems about winter is the damage it can cause in your basement, but you may not even be aware of it. Most people don’t even think about their basements in winter, thinking that because it doesn’t leak in winter, you don’t have to worry about it until spring. After all, spring is when the water comes in, so that’s when you should deal with it, right?

Not so fast. Your basement may not actually leak in winter, but that’s only because the water in the ground freezes instead of actually entering your basement. However, that also means that any water that’s been trapped in your foundation is also freezing. Think about what happens when you freeze a bottle full of water: the water freezes, expands, and cracks the bottle. Everyone thinks about water pipes freezing and bursting, but most people just don’t realize the same thing can happen in your foundation if you have a damp basement.

The winter freeze-thaw cycles can cause a lot of damage to your foundation in winter. As the water expands and contracts during the winter, any cracks are going to get bigger, which will let more water seep into your basement in the spring. It makes sense to complete your Milwaukee basement waterproofing before winter comes and the problems start. After all, anyone who lives in Milwaukee knows we get plenty of moisture in winter, whether it’s snow or ice, and eventually, it’s going to melt.

Get your basement inspected now, before the weather changes, so you can have any cracks or foundation damage fixed before the snow and ice start. It’s easier and less expensive to fix any problems while they’re small, rather than waiting until the cracks get bigger and cause more seepage. If you tackle the job as preventative maintenance now, you can have the work done on your schedule, rather than dealing with an emergency flood situation in spring. Save yourself the aggravation, and get your basement ready for winter now.