5 Dependable Ways to Fix Wet Basements St. Francis WI

Wet basements are not desirable in any home. A wet basement is an indication that water is seeping through the foundation of your home. This can cause notable damage not only to the basement but also to your entire home. drainpipe 300x205

Wet basements are also associated with the growth of mold and poor indoor air quality. And when mold grows in your basement, it will damage your property and cause a number of health issues including allergies, respiratory illnesses, sneezing, and general discomfort.

Signs of wet basements include damp spots on the basement walls, pools of water on the floor, efflorescence, musty smells, mold growth, peeling paint, dry rot, rust, and warped panelling among others. When you spot any of these signs, you need to contact a professional basement waterproofing contractor so that they can help you waterproof the basement and do other repairs to fix the problem.

Here are 5 dependable things that a professional contractor will do to solve the problem of a wet basement.

  1. Waterproofing the Walls of the Basement

Water seeps through the walls of your basement when the walls are porous. Cracks on the walls of the basements can also cause moisture and water to pass through the walls and enter the basement. A basement waterproofing contractor will help you by sealing the cracks and pores on the basement walls to eliminate percolation of water into the basement.

  1. Fixing Gutters and Downspouts

One of the reasons that can cause water to enter the basement is faulty or incorrectly positioned gutters and downspouts. Also, the downspouts may be dumping roof water too close to the foundation. A technician will solve this problem by fixing the gutters and downspouts and adding gutter extensions so that roof water is dumped far away from the foundation.292502 image 225x300

  1. Installing French Drains

French drains are drainage systems that are used to prevent surface and ground water from penetrating the foundation. French drains are commonly installed during the basement waterproofing process to guide surface and ground water away from the foundation and the basement.

  1. Fixing Water Leaks

One of the things that could be making your basement wet is an interior or external leak. Fixing these leaks will help keep the basement dry. Therefore, a professional waterproofing contractor will examine your home for any leaks near the foundation and in the basement.

  1. Landscape Grading

The slope of the land around your home determines how often water reaches the foundation. A good contractor will help you grade the land around the foundation so that it slopes away from the foundation to eliminate the accumulation of water near the basement.

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