5 Important Ways Egress Windows Improve Your Home West Allis, WI

If you are one of the many homeowners who are having egress windows installed in their basement, you’re making a smart choice. If you are not thinking about egress windows, you may want to start. These windows are an excellent way to improve your home from both the inside and the outside. Once you learn about their many benefits, you will want to join the other homeowners who are saying goodbye to those small, inefficient, and unattractive windows that many basements have.


1. They Are Safer, And In Some Cases, They Are The Law

If you plan to use your basement as an additional living space, you may be required by law to have egress windows installed. Many basements only have one way in and one way out. All living spaces, by law, must have two. Therefore, if you don’t have a second door, you must have at least one egress window installed. These larger windows get sized to allow a person to get out of the basement through the window. However, most homeowners decide to change out all of the basement windows. Even if you only want to add one bedroom to the basement, you will need these windows.

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2. Aesthetics

Basements are dark and gloomy by nature, and these windows allow tons of natural light. The room becomes brighter and more attractive. Even if you only use your basement for storage, having a basement filled with light makes heading down to the basement more pleasant.


3. Healthier Air In The Basement And The Home

Basement air is usually stagnant. There is very rarely fresh air or air circulation. These larger windows allow you to open up and let the clean airflow. That makes the air in your basement healthier, and therefore, the air in your home healthier. Keep in mind that air from your basement finds its way into the upstairs living space.



4. Less Risk Of Mold

Basements are notorious for mold. Humidity, condensation, and moisture lead to a mold infestation. The lack of fresh air and sunlight provide excellent growing conditions for it. Windows that allow fresh air in the space helps to prohibit the growth of mold.


5. Added Value

Egress windows add value to your home. They improve the way your home looks. If you decide to sell your home at some point, these windows are an excellent selling feature.


Consider making this the year that you have your basement windows changed out. There are many benefits to this decision and zero drawbacks. Your home will look better, it will be healthier, and it will be safer. Egress windows make sense for every basement.

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