Egress Windows: Important Details You Need To Know Milwaukee, WI

If you are building a new house or remodeling your old house, you need to consider installing one or more egress windows in the basement or other areas where windows are necessary. The law requires homeowners and contractors to ensure that the houses that they construct have at least one egress window in spaces that are to be used as living or sleeping areas. This includes basements.

Below are some important details that you need to know about egress windows. Egress Windows | Milwaukee, WI| Accurate Basement Repair

What Are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are openings that provide a safe way to exit a building in the event that there is an emergency. Each egress window is designed to be large enough so that it can allow a building’s occupants to crawl through it, and to make it possible for rescue personnel to access the building when there is a disaster.

To comply with the law and ensure that egress windows serve their purpose well, these windows must be installed in strategic locations in a building. These include all rooms and basements that are to be used as living or sleeping spaces.

Why You Should Install Egress Windows

There are numerous benefits of installing egress windows in your home as discussed below.

  1. Enhanced Safety

The most obvious benefit of egress windows is that they enhance safety in your home in case of an emergency. The windows have design requirements that ensure that they are large enough to be used as safe emergency exits.

  1. Ventilation And Natural Light

When installed in areas such as basements, egress windows enhance ventilation and also act as inlets of natural light. Therefore, you can transform a dark and clammy basement into a well-lit and well-aerated area by simply installing one or more egress windows in it.

  1. More Usable Space

Another benefit of egress windows is that they transform spaces that would otherwise have had little use into areas that have multiple uses. Notably, if you have a basement that is dark and stuffy, you cannot put it into much use. But by installing egress windows in the basement, you can convert it into a laundry room, garage, store, or living area. Egress Windows | Milwaukee, WI| Accurate Basement Repair

  1. Ensures Compliance With The Law

As noted above, the law requires that egress windows be installed in basements and other indoor spaces that can be used as sleeping areas. Thus, by installing egress windows, you comply with building codes such as the International Residential Code and others.

  1. Aesthetic Value

Egress windows enhance the look of basements as well as the general appearance of your home. This also increases the value of the property.

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