What are Shims in Foundation Repair? Janesville, WI

If you’re searching the internet for foundation repair solutions, you may have come across the word ‘shim’. If you’re wondering what this word means and how it applies to repairing foundations, read on. 

What is a Shim? 

Shims are a common sight in the construction industry in general. They have various applications in construction and not just in foundation repair. Shims are thin pieces of material that are inserted under some other part in order to help achieve some level or to ensure a proper fit. They can also be used to align surfaces properly. In repairing foundations, shims are used to fill gaps, adjust, level, or ensure proper fit and thus maximize support and alignment.

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In foundation repair, shims are often used for piers and pilings as well as other underpinning support below the slab of the foundation. Shims are inserted between these elements to level, adjust or improve the fit of the elements. 

There are different types of shims that may be used in repairing foundations: 

Crawl space foundations 

These foundations primarily feature wooden tapered shims in homes with a crawlspace. As the name suggests, they are tapered or wedge-shaped. These shims are made of wood. They are used in crawlspace foundations to provide a better fit. 

Shims for slab foundations 

There are various types of shims used in slab foundations. Concrete block shims are some of the most common types of shims used in these foundations. The concrete block shims may be placed on the pier to bridge the gap between the underside of the concrete slab and the pier. Smaller shims may also be used to fill the gap and provide a better fit and more support. 

There are several other materials that can be used as shims for concrete slab foundations. These include plastic and steel. Plastic is not commonly used because of its lack of strength and durability. Stainless steel shims are preferable to plastic shims. However, they are not readily available. They are therefore not commonly used for foundation repair.

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Safe and Effective Foundation Repair

If you’re wondering what type of shims to use in the repair of your foundation, it is advisable to talk to a foundation repair expert in your area. Your contractor will not only help you identify the best material for the shims but also help you source them in your local market. 

Our repair team consists of technicians with years of experience in foundation repair. We have experience working with different types of foundations. We will work to provide you with the best results and ensure that you can enjoy them for many years to come. 

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