Crawlspace Waterproofing – What Drain Method is Best for Your Crawlspace Dehumidifier? Milwaukee, WI

Having a dehumidifier installed is a necessary part of crawlspace waterproofing. While encapsulating your crawlspace will help to keep most of the moisture out of the crawlspace, a dehumidifier will ensure that it remains dry by removing excess moisture from the air in the crawlspace and keeping the humidity levels in the crawlspace low.

Dehumidifiers draw moisture-rich air from their surroundings and remove moisture from the air. Therefore, when you install a dehumidifier in a crawlspace it is important to consider how to divert the water out of the space. There are two main methods of draining condensate produced by a dehumidifier.

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1. Gravity drains

These are used to channel water away from your unit and the crawlspace. As the name suggests, these units rely on the force of gravity to channel water away from the foundation. It is, therefore vital to achieve the right level of drop with the drain to facilitate efficient flow of water. An improperly installed gravity drain can result in backup or flooding of the crawlspace. This will be counterproductive for your crawlspace waterproofing efforts.

Gravity drains are an inexpensive draining method. They are low maintenance, too, as they solely depend on gravity to operate. Simply ensure that your gravity drain is installed by a waterproofing professional. This will ensure that the drain works efficiently. It will also ensure that the right materials are chosen for your foundation.

2. Condensate pumps

There are some situations where gravity drains may not work. In these situations, your crawlspace waterproofing contractor may recommend having a condensate pump installed in the space. This pump works in a similar way to a sump pump. It has a reservoir where condensate from the dehumidifier collects. When water fills to a set level, a float switch triggers the condensate pump which pumps the water out of the reservoir and into a drain pipe which drains outside the crawlspace.

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It is important to ensure that there is enough room in the crawlspace for the installation and operation of your condensate pump. The pump will also require electricity to operate. You should, therefore, also consider access to a power source.

A crawlspace waterproofing contractor will help you determine the best location for the condensate pump and handle the installation for you.

Choose your draining method

If you want to know which draining method will best suit your crawlspace, talk to a waterproofing professional. They will inspect your foundation and advise you on the best approach to keeping it dry.

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