image of damaged house wall

Accurate Basement Repair can fix your foundation

The foundation of your home is an important structure that can develop problems over the years from moisture, settling and other issues that occur. Many people neglect these issues and later find that they must deal with larger problems at a later date. Inspecting your foundation periodically and dealing with minor repairs early on can save you money.


The soil in various parts of the country can vary in regard to the amount of moisture it can hold. Soil types that contain a high amount of clay can shrink and swell in response to the amount of moisture in it. This action can cause shifting in the soil with resulting cracks in the foundation as it adjusts to the changes in soil condition.

In Milwaukee, heavy snows can saturate the soil, creating shifting and settling of homes when the moisture freezes and thaws. The cracks that result can leave large gaps in the foundation that permit water to undermine both exterior and interior construction materials. A professional foundation repair contractor can help to remedy these problems to reinforce the foundation of your home.

Moisture Problems

Northern climates not only have freezing and thawing periods that damage foundations, they also have heavy rains in spring, summer or fall that can keep the soil wet for long periods of time. This condition can lead to seepage into basement areas and damage to interior walls and furnishings. The constant presence of moisture around the foundation can also help to deteriorate the material itself, causing pitting and shedding. An experienced foundation repair contractor can help to repair this damage and advise you on ways to divert moisture away from foundation walls.

Foundation Repair

Your professional foundation repair contractor will inspect your foundation and determine the problems affecting its condition. He will then determine the right solution to your problem. Installing drain tiles, putting in an exterior waterproof membrane or careful repair of cracks may be needed to restore your foundation to proper support and functioning. Foundation contractors have the specialized knowledge and materials needed to provide the best remedy for your Milwaukee basement waterproofing problems.