Glass Block Window 300x300Glass block windows can provide added light along with welcome privacy for your basement. This can ensure the most comfortable surroundings for you and your family inside your Milwaukee home. If these windows become damaged, however, they can allow water and cold air to creep inside, reducing your home’s energy efficiency and diminishing your ability to stay comfortable indoors. If you are planning a Milwaukee basement repair in the near future, it may be worthwhile to schedule glass block window repair or replacement at the same time to ensure the best possible results from your project.

The Benefits of Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows were developed and patented in the early part of the 20th century by a German firm called Deutsche Luxfer. These blocks of glass were used to create skylights to allow natural light into darker areas of homes, office buildings and industrial facilities. Today, glass block windows are used in a similar way to allow light to shine into basements without losing privacy. These windows can provide solid insulation benefits and improved security for your home’s basement, making them a great investment for you and your family.

Glass Block Window Styles

Glass blocks come in a wide range of styles to suit just about any décor and preference:

* Ice glass block windows offer superior privacy and are often used for basements and bathrooms to let in light while blocking visibility for those outside your home.
* Wavy glass windows offer a moderate amount of privacy while maximizing the light entering your basement.
* Diamond glass blocks have a distinctive look and offer easy maintenance for homeowners. Because the diamond pattern is contained inside the window block, both the inside and outside surfaces are smooth, making these glass blocks a breeze to clean.
* Clear glass windows offer clear visibility from inside and outside your home. These windows are best suited for areas in which privacy is not a primary concern.

Companies that specialize in basement repair can often provide you with added guidance on the right glass block window installations for your budget and your needs.

Do Your Glass Block Windows Need Repair or Replacement?

If your windows are showing signs of age, chipping or discoloration, working with a qualified Milwaukee basement repair can help you prevent issues that could affect the comfort and livability of your home. Some of the most common problems with older glass block windows include the following:

* Water leaks through cracks in the glass or gaps around the window
* Discoloration of glass that can block light and reduce visibility
* Drafts that can occur when air can pass through cracks and holes in your windows

A qualified basement repair company can replace your older windows with energy-efficient glass block window installations to improve the appearance of your basement and increase the value and comfort of your home. Basement window replacement is usually done in conjunction with other basement repairs.

At Accurate Basement Repair, we specialize in providing you with the waterproofing and repair services needed to help your home feel more comfortable and to ensure that it retains its value now and for many years to come. We serve the entire Milwaukee area with the most advanced and reliable services for drain tile testing and replacement, foundation repair and waterproofing your basement. If you need reliable glass block window repair or replacement, give us a call today at 414-744-6900. We look forward to the chance to serve you.