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stair step cracks in a block foundation

You may not give your home’s basement a thought until a problem develops. Then, moisture, odors and suspicious cracks in the walls may send up flags of alarm that something is not right with your foundation, and you had better call a basement repair professional before the problem gets worse.

Water Accumulation

If the rainy season brings problems of water accumulation in your basement, it’s time to contact a Milwaukee basement repair contractor to find the source of the problem to protect your home investment. Water accumulation can damage furniture, flooring or the items you store in your basement for later use, costing you thousands of dollars for replacement. A foundation repair contractor can provide waterproofing and other measures to ensure that rainwater stays outside your home.

Cracks in Basement Walls

Many basement walls have small cracks in the concrete foundation that don’t seem to cause a problem, but which may worsen over time to allow water or insects into the area. Your Milwaukee basement repair contractor can handle these minor repairs to ensure that they don’t become a more expensive problem in the future.

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Windows or Doors Have Separations

If your basement windows or doors do not open or close correctly, it could indicate a problem with shifting of soil around the foundation that can lead to bigger problems. Discuss the problem with a foundation repair contractor to learn how you can strengthen your foundation walls and avoid further damage to your home.

“Damp” Smell in Basement

Many homes have the problem of a damp smell in the basement that never seems to go away, regardless of the homeowner’s efforts. This problem can indicate small intrusions or separations in the foundation that let in moisture that can cause mold growth in the basement areas. Your Milwaukee basement repair contractor can provide professional waterproofing to remedy this problem so your basement space can be more pleasant and usable.

Sinking of Floors

If you notice that the floor of your basement has sunk or appears to be uneven in areas, it may be because of shifting of the soil beneath the foundation. This problem may require installing piers beneath the basement floor to support the foundation and avoid further separation of the foundation walls.

Bowed Basement Walls

If you begin to notice that the walls of your basement are beginning to bow. This effect is caused by hydrostatic pressure from the soil surrounding the basement, and the moisture in the soil that may freeze and thaw as the weather changes. Certain types of soil are prone to cause this effect. A number of options are available to provide additional support for the wall. Steel beams or foundations anchors can be placed to ensure that the pressure in minimized. However, in cases of severe damage, the foundation wall may need to be rebuilt.

If you notice any of these problems in your basement, discuss the problem with a reputable foundation repair contractor like Accurate Basement Repair to ensure that your home remains safe, dry and secure.