Shopping for a new house is exciting. You look for the ideal place where you can settle down. The community should be just right and should have the best schools. The bathrooms and bedrooms should be big and the kitchen should have a granite counter-top and other similar things.

There is one thing, which is not as exciting as the bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen, but equally important – the basement of the house and its condition! A smart homeowner or home-buyer will first check the basement, as it shows the condition of the foundation of the house.

Here are tips to follow to ensure that the basement of your home is safe, healthy and dry:

* Damp and Musty Odor – If the basement has a damp smell, then water has been seeping into it. Even if there are no signs of water seepage, your nose will know the smell.

* Mold – Mold can be any color, black, or green. Its very presence indicates water infiltration problems and you must take urgent steps to resolve it.

* Efflorescence – If you see a chalky white substance on the walls, then it is efflorescence. It is mineral deposits leaching out of the openings and cracks in the wall from where water has seeped through.

* Wall Cracks – Check the floors for hairline cracks. These are very common water seepage sources, occurring from the ground’s hydrostatic pressure. If the cracks are large, then you have a serious foundation problem.

* Bowed Walls – Sometimes the basement wall will have a bulge or will curve inward. This is noticeable in concrete block wall. You need to plan repairs soon as water infiltration will occur from these walls, compromising the foundation. This can be rectified using steel bracing.

* Water Lines on Windows – If the basement windows have waterlines, then the well drain is either missing or clogged. But, you need to look into repairs immediately.

* Water Marks – Check the walls for water marks. If there are stains that indicate water running down the walls, then you can be sure that water has entered the basement after crossing the foundation. This indicates grading problems and can occur again.

Signs, such as peeling paint or wall discoloration, mildew, mold, damp spots or efflorescence are signs that you have a basement foundation problem. In such a case, you will need Milwaukee basement waterproofing. Call Accurate Basement Repair to resolve any basement foundation problem. Instead of waiting for a major disaster to happen, call a professional immediately. They will provide basement waterproofing that will take care of all these problems.