Certain regions of the United States have climate conditions that put their walls more at risk than others. Houses in many regions have variable moisture that cause the soil to expand when wet, and shrink when drying. This causes the foundation to bow. Poured walls are different. They are in one solid piece, and don’t bow like a cinder block wall would, but they do crack. Cracks in the foundation can ruin the structure of your home. Advances in repair technology have culminated in the process of urethane injections to re-stabilize a poured wall foundation.

Past Practice Falling Out of Favor

The antiquated path for foundation repair lies in the process of chipping out the damaged section. The section would normally only be repaired by a patch a few inches deep. Using the old inferior form of material called hydraulic cement, repairs would often have to be done every few years.

A Better Way to Fix Cracked Walls: Urethane Injections

The modern form of poured wall foundation repair involves urethane injection. The use of this material offers several distinct advantages. The first is that it flows and can seek out every nook and cranny that harbors weakness. This material remains flexible and offers better resistance to the pressures that cause cracking. Finally, urethane is a superior material for waterproofing. As a homeowner, you are all too aware of the need to lock out moisture.

Only Trust Dedicated Professionals

Specialization in Milwaukee basement waterproofing projects is key to this form of repair. The necessary wealth of knowledge to effectively perform foundation repairs requires staff well versed in this process. Companies like Accurate Basement Repair have the necessary experience to quickly and effectively complete this job.

A faulty foundation can keep the homeowner awake many nights worrying about additional structural problems if left unattended. Affordable and permanent repair options are available that are family friendly in terms of the household budget. By availing yourself of the benefits of urethane injections, your poured walls will have the best chance of approaching the integrity and strength of walls that were freshly poured.

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