Serious Cracks and Displacement

For some people, it’s the thought of spiders lurking in the dark. Others are unnerved by the clutter or the mechanical components that often reside there. Smart homeowners know that walls that are cracked or buckling are among the scariest things that you can find in a basement because they can be a red flag for foundation problems. Think about it: Your foundation provides vital support for your home. It’s a crucial part of the structure, so if it is compromised, other areas of your home can be affected. If left unattended, foundation trouble will likely get worse and can negatively impact both the value and the livability of your home.

Spotting the Danger

What causes basement walls to crack or buckle? As HouseLogic explains, the culprit is often the soil surrounding your home. When it shrinks, it forces the structure’s foundation to settle or sag. When shifts in the earth cause it to heave, it puts pressure on the foundation. Water can also be a troublemaker, especially in places like Wisconsin where freezing temperatures turn it into ice that expands. While a few small, hairline cracks in the basement wall may not be cause for concern, any noticeable bulges or sizable cracks should be checked out immediately, especially if the cracks are running horizontally or stagger like stairs between the wall’s concrete blocks or are accompanied by signs of water penetration.

Taking Action

Cracking or buckling basement walls may be a homeowner’s nightmare, but they do not mean that your foundation is doomed. In fact, structural problems like foundation troubles actually made the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors’ list of the “10 Most Common House Problems”. Acting quickly will limit the potential for additional damage and likely allow you to tackle the problem with a fix that is easier and more affordable. What should you do if you’re worried about a foundation issue? Don’t ignore it. Don’t wait for a more convenient time. Deal with the problem promptly by calling in a professional who specializes in basement and foundation repair.

Welcome Support

What is the best solution for foundation problems? That depends on your unique situation. One possible fix involves installing steel brace wall reinforcements that provide added support to the existing walls. This halts the movement of the walls, restores the structural integrity of your home and prevents future damage. When installed properly, these steel reinforcements are not a temporary foundation repair. They offer a permanent, time-tested solution that protects both your home and its value.

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