Why Carbon Fiber Is Not Working On Your Foundation St. Francis, WI

Carbon fiber foundation repair has revolutionized the way we approach foundation repair. Carbon fiber straps, staples and sheets have made it possible to reinforce bowing walls in a matter of minutes or hours. A team of two professional contractors can complete the repair of a cracked foundation wall in hours. images

Carbon fiber foundation repair is also an attractive option for homeowners who want to maximize their basement spaces. Unlike steel beams, carbon fiber does not take up floor space. It can also be finished in any way you prefer, e.g. painting, wallpapering or drywall. It is therefore the perfect solution for repairing cracks in finished basements as well as spaces that you plan on finishing in the future.

One of the biggest benefits of using carbon fiber for foundation repair is that it is extremely strong (more than 10 times stronger than steel). It is therefore the best way to reinforce your foundation wall and prevent further movement. This material gives you long-term results too. Once the straps, staples or sheets have been installed, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

So why is my foundation still showing signs of damage?

Some homeowners report still having problems with the foundation even after the installation of carbon fiber and wonder if it is truly effective. Foundation failure after the installation of carbon fiber may be the result of any of the following reasons.

  1. Using a DIY kit

There are various carbon fiber foundation repair kits in the market. Many homeowners opt for these DIY kits to save money. However, these kits don’t always provide great results. This is because there are various factors that should be considered in the installation of carbon fiber that you may not consider as a DIYer. The kits also aren’t the same quality as the professional-grade materials used by professional contractors. carbon fiber repair 300x200

  1. Not resolving the underlying cause of the movement

Although carbon fiber is strong, it is not a magic fix. Carbon fiber only serves to reinforce your walls. It is important to solve the underlying cause of the movement in order to ensure the safety of your foundation. For example, you may need to repair your gutters and downspouts to prevent runoff from being deposited near the foundation and seeping into the soil.

If you are experiencing failure after the installation of carbon fiber, get in touch with a professional to ensure the safety of your foundation and home.

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