Foundation wall repair by a Milwaukee basement contractor

Foundation wall repair by a Milwaukee basement contractor

Excavating a basement is a major undertaking, and you will need help from a Milwaukee basement contractor to complete quality work on this type of significant project. This is a process where the dirt around the exterior walls of the basement is removed to expose the full length of the walls. It gives a contractor access to the basement walls so that they can be repaired, restored or improved in some way. There are a number of instances when excavating the basement may be beneficial or even required, and these are a few of the more common reasons for this type of project to be completed.

When the Foundation Has Been Damaged

The basement is the foundation of the home, and this means that the walls of the basement support the main structure of the rest of the home. These walls can settle due to factors related to a shift in the ground soil, erosion, poor construction and more. When one or more of the walls adjusts its position, it can wreak havoc on the structure of the home, and it must be repaired. Generally, the interior and exterior sides of the wall will need to be accessed in order to make the repair and to protect the structural integrity of the home.

When the Walls Are in Poor Condition

Some exterior basement walls are in poor condition because they have been impacted by the elements over time, and some may have never been waterproofed or weatherized. Still others may have been made with lower quality materials that have not held up well over the years, and the materials themselves may need to be enhanced, reinforced or entirely replaced. A Milwaukee basement contractor will need to remove the dirt around the walls of the basement in order to have full access to them so that the repair or upgrading work can be completed.

When the Basement Needs to Be Waterproofed

If you are thinking about renovating your basement, the basement may need to be waterproofed first. There are different steps that you can take to waterproof it, and some of these methods involve applying a coating or liner on the exterior walls of the basement. The walls need to be in good condition for this, so they may need to be rebuilt as part of the waterproofing process. This will require excavation around the perimeter of the home so that they can be accessed and serviced as needed. After this step is completed, the interior of the basement can be finished out and transformed into the desired space that you are dreaming about.

A good Milwaukee basement contractor like Accurate Basement Repair can employ several different methods to make repairs and changes to the exterior walls of the basement. In some cases, excavating is not necessary, and the walls can be accessed for the desired work from the interior. Your contractor can visit your home to listen to the concerns that you have and to inspect the basement. Through this initial consultation appointment, you can learn more about the recommendations that the contractor has for your space.