Foundation problems are often caused by a variety of changes that can occur in the soils surrounding your home. Unfortunately, these problems don’t get better with time – they only get worse! Many people associate foundation problems with older homes, however newer homes can have foundation problems, too. Foundation problems typically have three causes: 1) Expansive clay soils that are found in are area, 2) Poor construction, and 3) Homes built on poorly compacted fill soils. The decision to fix these problems permanently is an investment in your home that makes sense.

Homeowners sometimes try quick fix solutions to the damages caused by foundation problems. Common repairs are patching over wall cracks on interior walls and applying waterproofing paint. While these temporarily solve the cosmetic damage in the basement, they do nothing to permanently stabilize the foundation and prevent it from happening again and again. Another common fix that homeowners attempt is tuckpointing exterior cracks. This too is temporary, as the cracks will open back up as the problem continues. Repeated tuckpointing often results in varying colors of mortar that detracts from the beauty of your home.

Another thing to consider is the resale value of your home. You know yourself that you would be hesitant to buy a home with a potential structural defect. In today’s market, most lenders will not approve a loan for a home that has known structural defects or water seepage issues. The sooner you address the problem, the more money you will save. Sometimes homeowners ask, “Why should I fix this problem now?” Living with the foundation problem doesn’t allow you to fully utilize and enjoy your living space without worry. Any finish work done to the home will constantly need to be repaired until the problem is permanently fixed.

It’s clear that the issue of a defective foundation is going to have to be dealt with. Fixing these problems now, and forever, can bring you the peace of mind of knowing your greatest investment is once again, safe, secure and fully usable. It’s simply an investment that makes sense!

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