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3 Situations That Call for Foundation Inspection, New Berlin, WI.

Category: Land & Property | Published: May 4, 2023

The foundation inspection is an important step to take in maintaining the structural integrity of your house. Inspection by a professional foundation repair contractor will help to identify problems early.

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What Drain Method is Best for Your Crawlspace Dehumidifier? Milwaukee, WI

Category: Land & Property | Published: May 1, 2023

Dehumidifiers draw moisture-rich air from their surroundings and remove moisture from the air.

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Crawlspace Waterproofing Have Your Air Sealed Your Crawl Space? Milwaukee, WI

Category: Land & Property | Published: March 28, 2023

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Bowed Basement Walls and Traditional Repair Techniques, Milwaukee, WI

Category: Land & Property | Published: February 8, 2023

It is important to remember that bowed basement walls can put your safety and that of your family at risk if left unchecked.

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The Impact of Water Damage In Your Home Milwaukee, WI 

Category: Land & Property | Published: January 30, 2023

Water damage in a basement can be caused by many factors, including flooding, leaking pipes, and appliances, condensation, or poor drainage. It is important to address water damage quickly to minimize the risk of further harm or future mold growth.

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The Importance of Inspecting Your Home's Foundation Milwaukee, WI 

Category: Land & Property | Published: December 5, 2022

As a homeowner, you know that there are many things you have to keep up with in order to maintain your home. From the roof to the gutters and everything in between, each part of your house requires care and attention.

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How To Waterproof Your Basement And Keep It Dry All Year Long

Category: Land & Property | Published: September 8, 2022

Another option is to install an exterior drainage system, which consists of French drains that are installed around the outside of your home. Exterior drainage systems are more expensive than interior systems, but they are also more effective.

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Facts You Need to Know about Egress Windows Saint Francis, WI

Category: Land & Property | Published: August 10, 2022

Egress windows should meet some specifications in order to serve their functions well. When installing these windows, it is important to work with a professional contractor to ensure that the specifications are met.

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Foundation Cracks And Your Roof

Category: Land & Property | Published: July 14, 2022

Foundation cracks are often a sign of shifting of your foundation. While slight movements of your foundation is normal, extensive shifting of the soils around the foundation can result in too much movement too quickly.

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The Following Are Reasons You Might Have Odors In Your Basement

Category: Land & Property | Published: June 15, 2022

A damp and musty smell in the basement is often always a sign of a waterproofing issue.