If you’ve noticed signs of moisture or water seepage in your basement, contact a company who can perform Milwaukee drain tile testing services at your home or business. This inspection can help you determine the model of interior drain tile system you currently have, as well as determine if it is working properly. (click on pictures to enlarge)

How it Works

When you contact Accurate Basement Repair for help, our repairman will open up one to five holes throughout the basement to inspect the condition and function of the interior tile. We visually inspect the tile for tree roots, mud, and standing water before inserting a hose into the tile. We then flush water through the hose to check for pitch, flow, and blockages.

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We might also conduct a drain tile-spud test to determine whether both the exterior and interior drain tiles are functioning as expected. To perform this test, we’ll drive a pipe, or “spud”, down to where the exterior drain tile is located. We then flush water through the spud to determine if the water successfully reaches the interior drain tile via the footing bleeders. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Other Considerations

Keep in mind that even if we find no leaks or issues, you might still notice a wet basement. In some cases, water may seep into the wall before it even reaches your drain tile system, and if your basement has a block wall, the water can become trapped in the wall before it flows into the basement itself.

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To prevent an unnecessary leaky basement repair by dishonest contractors, you might be better off contacting a company who specializes in independent drain tile testing services. Here at Accurate Basement Repair, our Milwaukee basement specialists are professional and experienced, and we are confident that our competitive pricing and commitment to excellence will satisfy all of your basement waterproofing needs. For more information about our drain tile services, or to schedule a free estimate, please contact us today.

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