Drain Tile Expert Repair

If your basement is wet, damp, or you’ve noticed cracked walls, the first step to repair is identifying the cause of the moisture problem. Here at Accurate Basement Repair, we are the Milwaukee drain tile experts, and we will assess your property, determine the issue, and clearly explain to you what is happening so that you fully understand the repair process. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you might be in need of a drain tile repair service:

  • Wetness around floor cracks
  • Tree roots or calcium/mineral deposits at the Palmer valve or in the sump pump
  • Efflorescence or staining on the wall blocks near the floor
  • Damp or wet wall blocks near the floor
  • Water seepage or leakage on the floor


B014 Basement Drain Tile Test 190x300

Does your basement need a drain tile test?

What is Happening?

Under your basement floor, drain tiles carry water to your sump pump, which then pushes the water out of your home. Over time, these interior drain tiles can become clogged due to shrub or tree roots, which prevent the flow of water to your sump pump, causing the water to collect within your basement walls.

How a Basement Specialist Can Help

While another basement contractor might excavate and replace your entire drain tile system, our professionals have the tools, skills, and knowledge to accurately pinpoint the trouble area and replace only the damaged drain tiles. We understand how tricky basement repair services can be as some companies may not be entirely honest about their rates or jobs. Some may even inform you that you need a full repair when, in fact, the issue can be quickly fixed within a few hours.

For this reason, it’s important to work with basement contractors that Milwaukee residents trust to get the job done right. Our technicians are honest, dependable, and professional, and we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your interior and exterior spaces to determine whether your drain tile system is currently working as expected.

However, our basement specialist may find that your drain tile system is in perfect working order yet you still notice leaks, wet floors, or damp walls. When this happens, it is likely due to water seepage into the walls before the water reaches your drain tiles. Our professionals will be able to determine if the water is trapped within the wall between your exterior space and your basement, and we will be happy to recommend and perform the appropriate repairs.

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