What is your basement’s biggest threat?

Milwaukee Basement Waterproofing Contractors What is your basement’s biggest threat? Kids might imagine monsters lurking in the dark, but adults know the true danger: water. Milwaukee basement waterproofing contractors clean up after water’s many crimes, pursuing a trail of wet, leaky basements and cracked cement or block foundation walls. Of course, it’s best to call a waterproofing company before a major, or minor, disaster strikes. Read on for help determining whether you need the services that we offer in the Milwaukee area.

  1. Search for seepage after a heavy rainfall. Seepage at the cove (where the floor meets the wall) is the most common. Water seepage can also come through cracks on the walls or up through cracks on the floor.
  2. Look for wall discoloration or peeling paint. Dark discolorations or peeling paint may indicate that water has seeped into your walls.
  3. Look for mold or mildew. Both are signs of high moisture levels that need correcting.  Mold or mildew might be found on walls, floors or on stored items.  You might also smell a musty odor.
  4. Check for water marks or damp spots on the floor or walls.
  5. Look for efflorescence, a chalky white substance that can appear on basement walls. Efflorescence results when water seeps through concrete walls and then evaporates.

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