Need a Basement Wall Repair Specialist?

If you’re overwhelmed with foundation problems, you need a basement wall repair specialist in your corner. Buckling or broken walls allow water to penetrate into your basement and compromise your home’s structural integrity. By working with the professional Milwaukee basement repair contractors at Accurate Basement Repair, you can rest assured that your foundation wall issues are properly managed. If you’re unsure as to whether you need basement wall repair services, here are several things to keep in mind as you make your decision:

1. The Condition Will Worsen

Unfortunately, neglecting to repair structural damage as soon as you notice it will only lead to greater damage down the road. On the other hand, if you contact a local basement specialist at the first sign of trouble, you will significantly reduce the cost of treating the problem. More importantly, you will also stop the foundation deterioration before serious damage occurs. By acting quickly to recognize and repair cracks, leaks, standing water and other signs of foundation or wall damage, you reduce the cost of repairs while simultaneously preserving your home’s value.


2. You Have Several Options

Depending on the location and type of damage, your Milwaukee foundation repair specialist will provide you with a comprehensive and affordable solution that may include:

Rather than wait until the last minute when significant damage has been done, you need to act early to address basement issues. While you might consider waiting to see if the condition improves, your basement repair technician will be able to quickly and efficiently identify and correct the problem and increase the chance of a more cost-effective solution.

B003 Correct Incorrect Grading

3. Water is Typically to Blame

In regards to buckling and bowing foundations, hydrostatic force is usually the culprit. As temperatures change, water in the soil contracts and expands, creating uneven pressure against the walls of the foundation. As a result, excess weight builds up, forcing the wall inward and damaging the foundation. As water and soil move to these areas, other parts of the wall may contract outward into the vacant space, creating even more complications for your home’s foundation.

B065 Gutter Leaks Wet Basement

Gutter Leaks, One of many causes of a Wet Basement

4. You May Need to Rebuild the Foundation Wall

In order to fully rebuild the foundation walls, your Milwaukee basement contractor will need to access the walls from both sides. In order to properly repair the damage, the technician will perform a full excavation outside the wall to alleviate the pressure while rebuilding. To provided additional structural stability, the technician will then install supports along the wall he is rebuilding. He will also move certain landscaping elements such as plants or statues in order to prevent damage to these items. Keep in mind that in most cases following a full rebuild, you will need to landscape again after the fill and dirt have settled.

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